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    wtf man this sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    average on + side face + good body = nice chicks i dont think you can get nice girls any other way except what others mentioned such as fame, money ...
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    What are your Top 3 supplements??

    where are the reasons for saw palmetto and fish oil?
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    daves story - (still staring at the finasteride pack in my room)

    what the f*** djthomas ?!!!?? goto punk rock forums with that hairdo
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    GNC Spike- not hair question

    im sure most "smart" people dont even use anything to get concentrated and still get the information .. im not sure how is that possible do they really also try these methods ? :lol:
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    GNC Spike- not hair question

    an energy drink before tests gives me extra concentration... i agree that getting 7-8 hours is good but some days when u cant sleep it messes up your whole system for other days
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    Biotin Help 5MG?

    im suprised that its same effect different measures :freaked2: , thanks for clearing that up.
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    Biotin Help 5MG?

    i bought 5 Mg Biotin and the capsule size is pretty small is it effective or i should buy bigger capsules ? i had one with 5000mcg and the capsules were bigger but this 5MG is small, any difference? ii dont know if 5mg is strong as 5000mcg.. :o
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    The result of MSM.

    makes your thicker as well, use at least 2 1000mg capsules a day and u'll see results in 1-2 weeks, i noticed i have less sheds due to stronger hair
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    GNC Spike- not hair question

    how about energy drinks ? they help me concentrate better and increase energy ... Red Bull & Monster are currently the drinks for me these days , or these pills are better?
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    Cuttino Mobley's hair

    perfect hairline, high temples .. pretty good hair i dont see problems, longer better for him though short
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    Cuttino Mobley's hair

    lebron is already married and has millions and we are worrying about his hairloss which he really doesnt even give a ratass.. what a shame.. hell if i have millions i wouldnt mind going on tv bald everytime then to be a homeless guy with full head of hair...
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    Each year worse than the last?

    pretty much getting worser every hair, day to day basis really where the hair loss becomes more visible but slowly so u cant really tell
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    Cuttino Mobley's hair

    yeah he should just shave, the head shape is good and he doesnt have to worry about sunburn or other sh*t...
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    Anyone have this happen

    damn this is on back of my head whenever i scratch i feel like i cut my skin open :x
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    whats thyroid , i also feel tired almost most times and i thought i needed my blood sugar checked to make sure its not low but thyroid check also ?