Tricomin Hair Loss Treatments:  Expert Review

Tricomin Clinical Products

Stimulating new growth naturally is a positive, no matter how you look at it. Both our male and female users love this product, not only for its hair growth abilities (after 1 year of use) but also how it makes their hair looks thicker and fuller in the short term. The technology used is called “copper peptides”, and the stuff works.

Note:  Real users from wrote the following review of Tricomin.  Our community of hair loss sufferers have tried all the products out there and settled on the ones that truly help.  We pride ourselves in showcasing only the treatments with potential to work.  The verdict:  Tricomin is outstanding for both men and women with thinning hair.

What is Tricomin?

Copper peptides to stimulate hair growth might sound a bit odd, but this technology is one of the most unique and successful alternative methods of treating hair loss. Unlike Propecia, it doesn’t inhibit DHT to stop the cause of hair loss, and unlike Minoxidil, it doesn’t use Potassium Channel openers to stimulate hair growth. Tricomin is in its own class.

Tricomin Follicle Energy Spray is a spray that is applied topically. It is part of a suite of products that include a shampoo, conditioner and conditioning shampoo. Tricomin made it into our list of clinically-efficacious products because it is one of the few products to have actually stimulated growth in intensive partial FDA trials. In Phase II clinical studies, it had very positive results on some of the 36 men who applied the treatment topically twice a day for 24 weeks. It uses a technology known as the “Copper Peptide Technology” to do this.

Who is Tricomin For?

Tricomin is for those seeking a natural alternative to Rogaine, or something to use in combination with Rogaine to stimulate new hair growth. Aside from being completely natural, the beauty of Tricomin is that it can work synergistically with Rogaine to accomplish the same goal. They hit hair growth stimulation from two different angles, and work well together. Tricomin is for men and women experiencing diffuse thinning, the formation of a bald spot in back, recession at the temples, or any combination of these. Its major role is stimulating new hair growth and calming the scalp. It works well with Propecia (Generic Finasteride) which will stop the cause while Tricomin stimulates new growth.

What are the Tricomin Treatments?

Tricomin Clinical:  Follicle Energy SprayTricomin Clinical Follicle Energy Spray:

Formerly Tricomin Therapy spray:  Designed for men and women with thinning hair, Follicle Energy Spray combines the benefits of clinically-tested Triamino Copper Nutritional Complex with an exceptional leave-in conditioner formulation. Tricomin Solution enriches your hair and scalp with a unique blend of essential amino acids, minerals and body-building ingredients. Condition and treat your hair and scalp daily by spraying liberally after shampooing. May be applied to damp or dry hair.

Tricomin Clinical Densifying ShampooTricomin Clinical:  Densifying Shampoo

Developed for men and women with thinning hair, Tricomin Shampoo combines a unique cleansing and body building formulation to bathe your scalp with essential amino acids and minerals. It stimulates and restores the health, structure, and vitality to thinning hair. Shampoo daily, gently massaging into moistened hair and scalp, leaving on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. For best results, follow with Restructuring Conditioner and Follicle Follicle Energy Spray after drying.

Tricomin Clinical: Reinforcing ConditionerTricomin Clinical Reinforcing Conditioner

A hydrating formula for men and women that uses a unique moisture and nutrient-rich framework to help restore hair’s natural protein and mineral balance, build structure, luster, and body onto thinning, damaged and otherwise challenged hair. The nourishing formulation stimulates, invigorates, and conditions while powering-up natural defense processes with the clinically-tested Triamino Copper Complex.

How Does Tricomin Work?

At any given time, a large portion of the follicles on your scalp are in a Resting or Growth phase. This results in the development of bald spots or thinning hair. Propecia works to stop the *cause* of this chemical reaction. Tricomin on the other hand, shortens the resting phase of the follicle, causing a greater number of follicles to be active at any given time, thus producing hair.

The presence of Copper has been shown to inhibit 5-Alpha Reductase, which is responsible for the formation of DHT. As we grow older, these peptides in the body decrease, opening the way for 5-Alpha to do its work in helping to form DHT in the follicle. Copper is also responsible for stimulating the development of the basic ingredients which make up a healthy hair follicle. During the growth phase, substances at the base of the follicle such as collagen and various Proteins are actively in production, while during the resting phase, they are virtually inactive. Tricomin has been shown to stimulate them into production by delivering Copper peptides to the base of the follicle.

Tricomin Side Effects

No side effects were recorded during the trials.

How Do You Use Tricomin?

Tricomin should be sprayed as a fine mist onto the scalp twice a day. Those who spray onto hair covered areas should work the solution into the scalp with the tips of their fingers.

We carry Tricomin in our Hair Loss Treatments Center so you can begin this regimen today.