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This is a general contact form for any issues or questions you may have.  If you are interested in just giving some feedback or commenting on the website, we have a “Suggestion Box” you can use for that purpose. is run by Online Health Networks Inc., a corporation currently registered in the state of Florida.

Online Health Networks Inc.
936 SW 1st Ave #862
Miami, FL 33130
(877) 642-3177

Note:  This website is run by a single individual with a laptop working at home.  As such, for my own privacy and safety, I do not disclose my home address on the site.  The business which this site is incorporated under, is not at a physical location, and exists only at  As such there is no actual physical address to point to, aside from where I receive mail.  This is the address defined on this page.

You can reach me directly with paperwork of any kind at this address, and the corporation “Online Health Networks Inc.” is registered and active, at that address.  Another acceptable address I can be reached at when I am in California, with any paper correspondence is: Online Health Networks Inc.  1041 Market St. #370 San Diego, CA 92101.

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