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We wanted to introduce ourselves with a quick background on who we are!

In May 2016, aged 36, our creative director was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her cancer treatment led to her own body image concerns. Finding good wigs, more so a good service, was difficult and the options were outdated and old-fashioned. We wanted to help people access better quality wigs and up-to-date hairdressing so we created our company.
after being a long time lurker I finally decided to join the forum!
was NW4-5 at 20 years old, started treatment at 21

6 MONTHS INTO finasteride, topical minoxidil, dermarolling, nizoral shampoo, 10mg, biotin & vitamin d !
SOON: dutasteride, ru58841+ derminator 2 !

I have folliculitis delcalvans & androgenic alopecia --> doxycilin 50mg + antibiotic solutions
therefore I'm trying not to bald cuz my scalp is festering + full of scars