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Flat chest makes women feel insecure about their appearance. Breast augmentation helps to increase the size of the breasts and provides with an improved appearance..

Email: info@aestiva.in
Contact: 8447652698
Address: E-33, Z More, IGNOU Road, Neb Sarai, Saket, Block A 1, Neb Sarai, Sainik Farm, New Delhi.
12.5 of bica and grit of finasteride everyday, continue massages 2 times a day. A few black hairs start to form a new norwood 1 line on my left temple. I also take Popeye preworkout with beta-alanine, arginine and yohimbine which makes my scalp AA zones itch less somehow.
Can't take estro because of the gyno. Thinking about nandrolone only cycle.
hi there, not sure how active you are on the forums anymore but I wanted to get some feedback on the regiment I'm starting next week,

spironolactone 100mg (on it now for about a week)
Estridodal (17 beta sublingual 3 mg)(starting next week)
oral minoxidil 5mg (currenly on for a motnh)
finasteride 1 mg ( started about 2 months ago)(am contemplating on 0.5 dutas so I don't lose time with hair)