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Hey, you'll remember me as Troymaclure from back in the day :) Hope you're doing ok, was pleased to see familiar names still knocking round !
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But yeah, I'm not sure how much of my private life I revealed on hlh but I think I revealed that I was a Brit living in Oz, so it may still be lurking in your mind's recesses. How come I came back? Well long story short the company that was sponsoring me changed manager and the new one couldn't be bothered.
wow this website is sh*t. I can post more than 400 characters per post and then I have to wait for some time between multiple posts. f*** that sh*t. Here's my reply in full...

and if you wanna keep in touch, which I wouldn't mind (seeing as I'm now johnny-no-mates) feel free to contact me on my email address:

Hi! Do you live in China? Do you know any Chinese forwarders that can buy and ship treatments (e.g. Kintor)? Thanks!
I do live in China.
My current regimen is Minoxidil solely, so I dont know any for other products