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Yo squeegee 2.0

Are you that squegee from stopaga etc. ?
Squeegee 2.0
Squeegee 2.0
LOL! dude I don't know! The site was offline for a while for an update but they never got back online! Maybe the traffic was way too small and decided to cut the cord????:eek:
That sucks. We can't use free site for our forum?
Also we could pay for our site, 500 or 600 users, few bucks and it couldn't be a problem.
Man I Got psi in my fridge, didn't used it at all, it is probably not good.
Where is Enden, VIN_77, you see here any old users from our forums?
If you click on stopaga.com, appear some chinese sh*t.
Squeegee 2.0
Squeegee 2.0
I only know 2young2retire on here and you so far..
Hello! Does anyone DaTe on an OdD site like this I'm looking for a Man! Hairlosstalk.com talk soon, I'm from CALIFORNIA