Exploring The Hormonal Route. Hair=life.


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My Regimen
My exact regimen changed throughout this thread, however it was always extreme.

P_20170627_151324.jpg p_20171212_093845_vhdr_auto-jpg.jpg P_20171229_103817_vHDR_Auto.jpgScreenshot_20180121-094937.jpgScreenshot_20180319-125917.jpg

P_20170727_165503_vHDR_Auto.jpg P_20170909_101331_vHDR_Auto.jpg P_20171010_181448_vHDR_Auto.jpg P_20180220_175754_vHDR_Auto.jpgP_20190118_174219_vHDR_Auto.jpg

P_20170730_194451_vHDR_Auto.jpg P_20171212_113557_vHDR_Auto.jpg P_20171226_152039_vHDR_Auto.jpgP_20180619_151803_vHDR_Auto_1.jpg
before and afters:







Figured it's time to start a thread and document my hair journey.
I started losing hair sometime between 16-17. I never saw my temples slowly go away, i had long hair and kind of a bushy white mans fro at the time and one day at 17 I lifted it and was shocked to see that my temples were destroyed. I know that a few months before that I had a full head of hair, but at that time I was going through puberty and was super horny and masturbating all the time...

I didn't know about finasteride or this website and believed that once hair is dead, its dead. My hair still looked full when I styled it correctly. It receeded very slowly over the next several years...
I had kinda a Hippie mentality back then, hated society and didnt trust any commercial or pharmaceutical industry, Lol. I thought that Sodium Lauyral Sulfate was the reason because I googled it since i noticed it was literaly listed in almost every shampoo ingredients and many alternative health articles claimed it was the devil..I bought natural sulfate free shampoos.

eventually, i started searching online more. The first things i ever read unfortunately about finasteride were about sexual side effects, brain fog, etc. and I immediately decided No way! If only there was less scaremongering online things could have been different..
I tried minoxidil a couple of times but i wasn't very consistent with it.

I expected my hair to only recceed and thought i could grow my hair long to hide the reccession. But one day i noticed that the hairline was reeceding AND the hair all over ghe top was getting thinner.

Here's a pic from last year which was used as my college ID pic.

at the time that pic was taken I had been experimenting with the Swiss Temples theory. Swiss Temples was the first thing I found which showed me that its possible to actually get hair back. I knew about that before i knew how powerful feminizing drugs were And everything I searched was focused more on Prostaglandins, I was heavy into the PGD2/Pge2 way of thinking...

I tried dermarolling, lithium chloride, sunlight exposure, castor oil with dmso, stemoxydine, sulfasalazine, miconazole, ...
I spent maybe hundreds of dollars on these and many supplements. also trying Evening primrose oil since i found studies showing omega fatty acids reduce 5ar, vitamin E since there was a study showing reduced pgd2 with the succinate form,... also used tretinoin, sulforaphane, rosemary, Melatonin, caffeine, zinc, green apple peel extract, biotin, taurine, drinking a spoonful of tabasco sauce everyday(yes, I'm serious), soy isoflavones... not sure if i can even remember everything i tried at some point, I even had a schedule to only ejaculate every 6 days, Lol.

I think theres some truth in the Pgd2 theory but I realized that Pgd2 is not the only negative growth factor. Sometimes it seemed like my hair condition approved a little bit. but Im not sure and the hair never continued to get better and my hair become worse despite my treatments.

Finally i gave up on my hope to discover some kinda uncommon hair secret and went with the more established Antiandrogen route. Eventually I learned that extreme regimens might regrow hair. AntyDHTor was a big inspiration. I wanted REAL results, not looking closely in the mirror and getting excited if I think I might see 2 vellus hairs that weren't there before.
I started off really cautious because I was nervous. scared of the effects on the liver from Cypro and worried about growing boobs on Estrogen. starting on June 2nd I took Cyproterone Acetate 50mg and .75mg topical estradiol 2 times a week. I took this about 2 x a week until July 5th. and I started taking dutasteride everyday on June 29th. I may have noticed some fuzzies on my temples during June. but they didn't grow at all or develope. They were very very tiny.

During June, Im not sure if can count as part of my total treatment time. I still had a strong libido, i think it might have been a little bit lower??, but Im not sure. maybe just nocebo.
Anyway, I felt more comfortable and started taking 50mg cypro Everyday on July 5th. Also started minoxidil 2x a day every other day, and estrogel Every Other day. My temples started filling with more fuzzy hairs. I could clearly see them in certain light but when i tried to take pictures even in the same light, my camera couldn't see them. I tried many times. The fuzzies become slowly easier to see, finally about 3 weeks later I was able to capture my fuzzy vellus on camera.

They became easier to see in certain light over time.



They were starting to look good under certain lighting but under most normal lighting I still looked Bald as f***!

on July 25th, I switched to taking Estradiol .75mg from Estrogel Everyday. On July 31st I noticed black dot things on my right temple. Use my 3 freckles for reference.

and then a few days later.. Boom! there's tiny real hairs!

getting longer...


This was pretty exciting since my temples had been nothing but just Bare skin for about 9 years!! I was worried that even with an extreme regimen if it was too late..

At that point my results were not yet cosmetically significant.. could be a coincidence but it did seem that right after I switched to using estrogel everyday, results jumped up.
and when i made more extreme switches later results jumped up again.

On July 30th I had taken this first picture below which is the first area I noticed actually getting cosmetically significant under normal lighting.. I noticed the area at the side was darker on my left side. i took pics in the same bathroom during the month of August and it got darker throughout.

July 30th:

August 8:

August 13:

August 28:

Starting On August 4th I took 100mg of Cypro Everyday for 3 weeks. and then went back down to 50mg. Also sometime in August I switched to using 1.5mg topical Estradiol.

considering ive only been on a decently full dose since July. these results were fast!

Next my right side which was my worse recceded side became more cosmetically significant too on the side part.

on August 31st, I had ran out of cypro and couldn't take any for a week. i still had all the other stuff. I dont feel like my Testosterone returned any during that week and my hair didn't suffer either.

below are pics of my right side. use my freckle as a reference point.

July 28:

Sept 9th: Ignore the scratch on my nose.


Oct 10:

Now for the top of the head. you saw my horrible student id photo. my hair has thickened up all over the top now.
here's a couple photos taken during the beginning of treatment in June..



My hair very very bad!! it was devasting.

Now heres a pic of the top taken Sept. 24th:

My hair became much healthier after those 3 months. I know that it is longer in the Sept pic but believe me it is thicker and it wouldn't even grow much at all before this treatment!!! It would fall out before getting longer or become extremely wirey and thin at the ends.

Temples have tiny dark thin hairs and they can be seen if looking very closely. They are slowly becoming longer. My left temple has responded better.
Heres some pics of it from August until end of September. I was standing in the same location in my home when i took these except for the first one.





temple hairs have gotten a little longer since this last photo but Im not sure if they are any thicker, i think i have to wait until the next cycle. I still havent been on an my extreme regimen that long. less than 6 months. so im looking forward to the future!
Ok, I know people will criticize and think I'm crazy. As Anty used to say, " I have the sides in my ***".
Ask me anything you want about the other effects of this regimen.
I'm not reccomending this extreme strategy to anyone unless they truly understand what to expect from it and are actually willing to accept it. If any cis males are tempted to try, it might be a good idea to get sperm frozen unless youre positive of not wanting kids and also to save up money for gyno surgery.

ok, Ill keep this updated. hopefully it gets better.

---Update-- Dec. 14th 2017

I'm going to start posting pics from different viewpoints since I now have the confidence to. Most of time I haven't shown my right temple up close and only from a distance because the center of it has not responded as well. But lately it has been responding more and catching up. it looks like this close up under a bright light.


sometimes I feel like results are slow but thats really not the case at all. I was also looking at multiple pics of my hair from this summer and I realize I had forgotten just how horrible I looked only a short time ago!! :eek:
Focus on those 2 freckles on my temple in the pic above as reference points and it can be seen how much has been grown on slick bald areas! I took this pic at the end of July when I was still very early into treatment and without any cosmetically significant gains yet:


also my skin looked more shitty back then, lol. I have 3 freckles on my right temple, now the 3rd one which is the highest is covered by hair and the 2nd one is starting to get covered.
The difference between these 2 pics is 4.5 months!!



mostly I have only been posting super close ups on my left temple because the results could not be shown as well from a distance other than that section at the side. I know that my left temple looks amazing super close up in the right lighting, but from even a little distance it honestly still looked very bald!!
it also looks much thicker if it is wet with minoxidil.
I have wrote about this before so don't be decieved by those previous pictures and overestimate. but finally I am able to faintly see my new hairline appearing on my left side even from a further distance


I took both of these new pics 2 days ago.
one more thing, it seems I got a ton of hairs between my hairline in front of my ears and my eyebrows o.o this area is probably from the minoxidil.


I popped a diane-35 for 2 weeks and continued to use 1.5mg estrogel as well... breasts are sore o_O

pic taken 12/26/2017

pic on the right is 12/29/2017

6 months difference!


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My Regimen
What about a big hair transplant session to fix your front. Your hair on top looks way better congrats
That's a last resort. Maybe some day if I have to but I'd rather have real regrowth and not lose any hair from the back of my head.


My Regimen
Hair on top looks much thicker, congrats! But if you're not really afraid of gyno, why you are not taking oral estradiol instead of topical? And how old are you, btw?
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My Regimen
Hair on top looks much thicker, congrats! But if you're not really afraid of gyno, why are you not taking oral estradiol instead of topical? And how old are you, btw?
Is oral more effective?? I'm getting lots of effects from the gel so I think its doing a good job at boosting my E levels. I might try oral in the future. I turned 27 last month in September.

michel sapin

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My Regimen
did you use minoxidil ?
this is an extreme regimen man . and you will have to keep taking crazy stuff like oestrogen to maitain your gains
no sides for the moment ? no gyno ?


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My Regimen
and you will have to keep taking crazy stuff like oestrogen to maitain your gains

Without them - he would not even have those results. So, no use bringing that up as a point...
Estrogen is almost the only thing that brings any kind of results actually worth mentioning when it comes to this damn disease.

When someone comes up with a non-hormonal treatment that delivers the same regrowth as high-dose estrogen with very few side effects then you can color me impressed. Otherwise we're just talking about toys.
f*** a 2-3% improvement in hair density when as a balding man you have 25-30% hair density of a healthy head of hair.

>99% of the things you can use against your hair loss are so f*****g worthless, and so far from being any kind of decent treatment (let alone the cure) that they are hardly worth talking about. That goes for Finasteride, Minoxidil, and almost everything we have. If we could apply estrogen and CPA locally without them going systemic, we would begin to approach something worthy of being called a hair loss treatment. Everything else is, as we would say around these parts, "f*****g the wind sideways".


My Regimen
Great results ! Congratulations !

50mg cyproterone is a lot but I know the feeling, you want to try everything you can to win the fight against hair loss !

Next year you will be full head new guy :p


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My Regimen
Where did you order the topical estradiol from?
at first, inhousepharmacy.

did you use minoxidil ?
this is an extreme regimen man . and you will have to keep taking crazy stuff like oestrogen to maitain your gains
no sides for the moment ? no gyno ?
Yes. I was using 2x a day every other day and now im using 1x everyday.
yep, lots of sides and lots of gyno

If you want to crank it up for a few months, you could add oral minoxidil 2.5-5 mg twice daily...
I intended to try and recently ordered minoxidil pills, just waiting for them to arrive.


My Regimen
at first, inhousepharmacy.

Yes. I was using 2x a day every other day and now im using 1x everyday.
yep, lots of sides and lots of gyno

I intended to try and recently ordered minoxidil pills, just waiting for them to arrive.

Good progress Bridgeburn!!! Any sides?
It's crazy to see that some guys have close to no sides taking oestradiol and I had terrible ones!
Be careful with adding too much things (oal minoxidil, etc.) Take care


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My Regimen
Good progress Bridgeburn!!! Any sides?
It's crazy to see that some guys have close to no sides taking oestradiol and I had terrible ones!
Be careful with adding too much things (oal minoxidil, etc.) Take care
Those guys are probably lying, lol. Estrogen causes plenty of other effects besides hair. lol, What were your terrible ones?