New Hair Loss Treatments Pipeline

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Updated: March 5, 2017

The following technologies, treatments, and devices are currently being studied by legitimate institutions, companies, and research facilities. The goal with each is to treat and cure hair loss in all its forms. This page will be updated on a regular basis, along with corresponding articles describing progress in the months to come.

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PreclinicalPhase 1Phase 2Phase 3Released

Hair Regeneration Research Projects

You can click each of the icons above to view a page dedicated to each project.  Below we summarize the updates found on each of those pages, related to each of the project.  You can either bookmark this main Pipeline page or the individual pages.

Kyocera | Riken | Organ Technologies
Hair Follicle Primordiums Hair Regeneration

09-27-16Hair Primordiums Research Status Update: Interview with Organ Technologies
Interview with Organ Technologies, CEO and one of the lead researchers on Dr. Tsuji’s team, presenting the latest updates on the project status, timelines, and future plans for commercialization.
07-01-16Hair Follicle Regeneration Research Project – Riken
The page dedicated to the project on the Riken website.  Learn about the science behind hair primordiums, and the methods by which Dr. Tsuji and his team at Organ Technologies hopes to make hair primordiums the next revolutionary hair regeneration treatment.
07-26-16Kyocera to Begin Regenerative Hair Loss Treatment Research
HairLossTalk’s introductory article presenting the Hair Primordiums research project, and the partnership between Riken and Organ Technologies with funding from Kyocera.

Shiseido | Replicel
RCH01 Hair Regeneration Project

08-11-16Shiseido to Begin Cell Hair Regeneration Trial
HairLossTalk’s article presenting the Shiseido RCH01 Research Project.   It is a form of autologous cell therapy based on dermal sheath cup cells.  Article goes into Replicel’s partnering with and licensing of the technology to Shiseido as well as the two different markets they’re developing the treatment for.

HSC – Hair Stimulating Complex Project

09-29-16Histogen Signs Deal with China Distributor
Histogen has signed a deal for development and commercialization of Hair Stimulating Complex with an important pharmaceutical partner in mainland china…
08-18-16Interview with Dr. Gail Naughton – Status update on HSC Research
Interview with Dr. Gail Naughton and Eileen Brandt discussing the current status of new hair loss treatment “HSC”, and upcoming plans for future trials…
08-15-16Histogen Secures $6m Investment
Histogen has received $6 million in funding to support the development and continued research of their Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC) product research…

Hair Follicle Neogenesis Device – Minoxidil Project

03-05-17Follica’s New Hair Loss Treatment Might Hurt
An introduction to Follica’s long-awaited new treatment using wounding, stem cells, and an at-home topical application.
03-05-17:  Follica Presents at the AAD 2017 Annual Meeting
We tried to get information on status updates from the CEO of Follica after the presentation but didn’t have much luck…

SM04554 Topical Wnt Treatment Project

10-01-16Samumed Includes Hair Loss in Regenerative Medicine PlatformPresentation by Samumed CEO on its SM04554 hair regeneration project using Wnt signaling to control the effects of aging on tissues.  Results from the Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials can be found in here including links to the study results, informative videos, and and interesting story as well.

Bimatoprost Prostaglandin PGF2a Project
Setipiprant Prostaglandin D2 / PGD2 Project

Project Updates:  Coming Soon.

Breezula CB-03-01 Steroidal Antiandrogen Project

Project Updates:  Coming Soon.

JAK3 Inhibitors ATI-50001 ATI-50002
For Alopecia Areata and Androgenetic Alopecia

09-19-16New Study Confirms JAK3 Effective in Alopecia Areata
This article presents an overview of the ongoing work being done by Dr. Angela Christiano and JAK3 inhibitors in the treatment of Alopecia Areata, as well as their potential use as a treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia.
09-18-16: Alopecia Areata Cure? Aclaris Therapeutics JAK3 Inhibitors.
The discovery of a topical and oral treatment shown to completely reverse the effects of Alopecia Areata and possibly Male Pattern Baldness.