RegenePure DR NT Shampoo

Regenepure DR NT


Your treatment regimen won’t succeed unless you include a Keotoconazole-based Shampoo like Nizoral or Regenepure DR. Sound like an exaggeration? It’s not. Everyone needs a ketoconazole shampoo. Without it, no proven treatment will work as well it should. With it, you may not even need to begin treatments so soon. The point of this page is simple: Ketozonazole-based shampoos need to be in the shower of every person seeking to stop their hair loss. Lets take a look at why …

What is Regenepure DR / NT Shampoo?

Regenepure comes in two versions.  The important medicated version called “DR” (Doctor Recommended), and the NT shampoo for the “off days”.  The DR is a ketoconazole-based shampoo and should be used once Mon/Wed/Fri, and the NT used on the “off days”.  Why is the DR shampoo so important?  Simply put, ketoconazole-based shampoos are the only type of shampoo on the market today that can help stop hair loss.  They are the single most important part of every hair loss regimen for men or women. This ingredient is viewed as an anti-fungal for people with flaky scalps, but it has a much more important role for people experiencing hair loss.

Ketoconazole shampoos like Regenepure’s “DR” version also contain androgen-blocking properties. This makes it an effective anti-inflammatory for hair loss sufferers, addressing one of the most important causes of hair loss. What is an androgen blocker? The most well known Androgen Blocker is S5 Cream for Men and Women. Hair thins because of hormone activity in your scalp. Androgen blockers inhibit those processes. Left unchecked, inflammation takes over. Many people who start losing hair have itching, tingling, and intense irritation and even pain in their scalp.

This itch is the hallmark of Androgenetic Alopecia (thinning hair) in both men and women. If you have any tingling or itching, your hair loss will move significantly faster, and treatments you take will not work as well. Even without any noticeable itch, the hormonal processes are still happening. Your scalp MUST be in a calm state in order to stop this process. This is why every hair loss sufferer needs Regenepure DR shampoo as part of their regimen.

Who is Regenepure DR For?

This product is for everyone. It does not matter if you are looking to maintain your hair with Propecia, S5 Cream, or Revivogen. It does not matter if you are trying to grow new hair with Rogaine Foam or Tricomin. It does not matter if you are using the kitchen sink approach and have an extremely elaborate regimen. Regenepure DR shampoo must be part of your regimen. It uniquely handles the most important foundational part of treating hair loss: inflammation. Inflammation is present in every hair loss sufferer. Regenepure is the single most effective means for calming your scalp. Without it, no treatment will work optimally. Not even the most powerful ones, like Propecia and Rogaine Foam.

How does Regenepure Work?

There are many theories on how exactly Nizoral assists in treating hair loss. Nizoral is an antifungal shampoo. It also cleanses the scalp. It also has the ability to block androgen receptors, very similar to the more potent S5 Cream for Men and Women. All three of these things play an integral role in the most important factor of all: reducing inflammation. Keeping your scalp calm. While you can use S5 Cream as your androgen blocking treatment, there is no other product on earth that can do all this, that also has the convenience of being a simple shampoo.

How Should Regenepure DR / NT Be Used?

In order to get the greatest benefits for your hair loss, the DR version of Regenepure should be used once every 3 days consistently. Apply it immediately when you get into the shower and rinse out the past-day’s buildup. Then reapply, and allow it to soak for the duration of your shower. This is the most important part. Give the medicated shampoo the ability to do its job. On the off-days, you can use Regenepure NT to maintain your results, and help clean and soothe the scalp.

We carry Regenepure Shampoo in our Hair Loss Treatments Center so you can begin this regimen today.