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The best hair transplant and hair restoration doctors from the United states, Canada, Europe, Belgium, Turkey, and around the world. World-class information on cost, types of transplant procedures, tips and tricks for getting the best results, and before and after photos directly from each clinic. Learn about the options available by reading our Hair Transplants Guide, and then make your decision by searching for a clinic that suits your needs.

Featured Hair Transplant Doctors

Featured member Surgeons of the Hair Transplant Syndicate. Click their directory listing to learn all about their clinic, see patient before and after photos, and read up on their available procedures, philosophies, and methodologies.


Types of Hair Restoration Surgeons

Welcome to the Hair Transplant Syndicate. The following types of Hair Restoration Surgery specialists are featured on our site. Please make sure you read our Guide to Hair Transplants to educate yourself, and then select from the following categories to begin deciding on your surgeon of choice.

Best Transplant Doctors In Your Area

Find hair restoration surgeons in your area. You can use the search feature above, or browse by geographic region below. Please note that many hair transplant doctors have travel programs available for patients who live far away and need to travel.

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