Kevin Rands

President, CEO

A Next-Generation Hair Transplant Marketing and Patient Portal

Value. It’s the most important element of any successful online system. From day 1, my goal with the Hair Transplant Syndicate has been to bring value both to participating physicians, and users seeking the best hair transplant doctor for their procedure.

We aren’t building yet another “List” to sell spots on. We want to effectively market Transplant Surgery Clinics and make their services known to the consumer public. And we work together with those Clinics to publish meaningful content that promotes their practice. The result is a vibrant community of participating physicians who you can evaluate, interact with, and get information from.


Matt Heaton

Account Executive
Matt is a former Rahal patient coordinator and support rep, as well as a former hair transplant patient himself. Matt has been helping hair transplant patients with their decision making process and education. He is in charge of accounts and relationship-building for the Hair Transplant Syndicate, among the surgeons in the hair transplant industry.
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Lovella Gabisan

Administrative Executive
Lovella handles the administrative and partnership management roles for the Hair Transplant Syndicate. She is in charge of billing and collections as well as ensuring the gears of our community are well-oiled and running smoothly.
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Shane O’Quinn

Head of Sales and Marketing
Shane heads up the Hair Transplant Syndicate sales and relationship-management team.