Shiseido’s Applies for Hair Loss Patents 0

Shiseido Company, a Japanese corporation with over a century of experience in the beauty industry, recently filed two patents in the United States related to hair loss treatment. More than

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Histogen HSC – Clinical Research Update 0

Interview with Dr. Gail Naughton and Eileen Brandt discussing the current status of new hair loss treatment “HSC”, and upcoming plans for future trials…

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Can Rogaine Stop Hair Loss Long-Term? 0

We’ve all heard about Rogaine.  It’s been around for decades.  And there seems to be a decent amount of uncertainty as to what exactly it does for hair.  Opinions abound

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Hair Loss: Its Really Not So Bad

Or is it? Embarrasment, Shame, Depression, despair, and pessimism seem to rule the mindset of most hair loss sufferers. This editorial written by the founder of addresses some of

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The Truth About the Dutasteride Clinical Trials

An editorial by Dr. Marty Sawaya on the truth behind why Dutasteride trials were never finished despite its effectiveness, and

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Alopecia Areata: Developments & Horizons

HairlossTalk’s Science writer, Deborah O’Neil helps us understand Alopecia Areata a little better with this informative article. A non-classical form of hair loss In contrast to the gradual thinning seen

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Alopecia Areata Clinical Trial Needs You

The first ever database of hair loss conditions has been created to compare and analyze Alopecia Areata sufferers, but time

Potential New Alopecia Areata Treatment

A long-used anti-inflammatory prescription drug can help some people with alopecia areata or other forms of patchy baldness regrow their

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