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HairLossTalk Advertising Options

HairLossTalk Advertising Options

Hair Loss & Alopecia Advertising has been around for nearly two decades, and has established a reputation of trust with its users because we insist on presenting only high quality products and services.  We are the most highly-targeted website on the internet for reaching people suffering from the various forms of hair loss.

As this industry attracts a significant quantity of disingenuous products and service providers, we have set an extremely high standard for what sort of things may be advertised here.  We vigilantly protect our users from anything we do not feel is in their best interest, and money does not play a role in who is given exposure.

Limitations to Advertising Influence

Any advertising partnerships entered into will be exclusively to convey your product or service to our users.  We do not enter into any relationships which would include modifying the content of our site in any way, to suit the opinions or biases of a paying advertiser.  This policy is strictly enforced.

Hair Loss Advertising Reach

At the time of this writing, serves over 400,000 unique users every month.  We have over 50,000 subscribers to our Newsletter, and several thousand more on our social media accounts.  We serve over 600,000 user sessions, and over 1.6 million pageviews, monthly as well.  We expect these numbers to increase 3-fold by the end of the year, so please inquire as to our latest numbers.  Our userbase includes roughly 70% men and 30% women between the ages of 20 and 55.

Types of Hair Loss Advertising Available

For the most part, any products we actually could advertise on our site should instead be made available on our store.  If you have a product that you feel has solid science backing it as an adjunct treatment to the clinically proven products, we may be interested in carrying it.  Of course any other cosmetic hair products, shampoos, and otherwise are welcome.

Banner advertisements and more creative options are available as well.

Advertising Inquiry

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