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Will 3D Printed Hair Cure Hair Loss? 1

3D-printed hair might sound like a fringe approach to hair loss treatment – but it may not stay that way for long. In September 2016, L’Oreal and French bioprinting company

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Follica’s New Hair Loss Treatment Might Hurt 0

Follica is moving forward with a new hair loss treatment using stem cells, scalp wounding, and an at-home growth stimulant to generate new hairs…

Follica Presents at the AAD 2017 Annual Meeting 0

Follica presented at the 2017 AAD Annual Meeting this year, to discuss their upcoming new treatment. sat down with the CEO of Follica to discuss the latest…

22 Year Old Alopecia Areata Spokeswoman: Abby Andrew 0

We’d like to introduce to you Abby Andrew – a charming 22 year old who has tackled her Alopecia Areata

HairLossTalk Weekly Mashup | November 21 2016 1

Covering pretty much everything since the site went “back online” in 2016 – through Thanksgiving!

S5 Cream Has Returned 9

There’s a new treatment on the shelves (for both men and women!) and it’s better than any we’ve added in

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Alopecia News

22 Year Old Alopecia Areata Spokeswoman: Abby Andrew 0

We’d like to introduce to you Abby Andrew – a charming 22 year old who has tackled her Alopecia Areata since childhood.  She has been kind enough to let us

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New Alopecia Universalis Totalis Treatment IND Filed with FDA 1

Back in September, we announced a revolutionary new topical treatment for Alopecia Areata which is being created by Aclaris Therapeutics. 

New Study Confirms JAK3 Effective in Alopecia Areata 0

We recently published an overview of the ongoing work being done by Dr. Angela Christiano and JAK inhibitors in the

Alopecia Areata Cure? Aclaris Therapeutics JAK3 Inhibitors. 0

The discovery of a topical and oral treatment shown to completely reverse the effects of Alopecia Areata and possibly Male Pattern Baldness…

Alopecia Areata: Developments & Horizons

HairlossTalk’s Science writer, Deborah O’Neil helps us understand Alopecia Areata a little better with this informative article. A non-classical form

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Industry News

Shiseido’s Applies for Hair Loss Patents 0

Shiseido Company, a Japanese corporation with over a century of experience in the beauty industry, recently filed two patents in the United States related to hair loss treatment. More than

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Histogen Secures $6m Investment in New Hair Loss Treatment 0

Histogen has received $6 million in funding to support the development and continued research of their Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC) product research…

The Real Story Behind Hair Loss Research

Dr. Marty Sawaya speaks on everything from whats really going on in the pharmaceutical companies, in relation to hair loss

Help Fund Hair Loss Research

We’re calling it the “Help Buy a Researcher” Fund. Angela Christiano has notified HairlossTalk that the recent Kirsch grant funding

Merck Applies for Topical Propecia Patent

Merck applies for a patent for Topical Finasteride (Propecia). Some feel it means Merck knows something we don’t. Others think

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Hair Transplants

Transplanted Hair: What to Expect After the Surgery? 5

Once the procedure is finished, your hair isn’t quite ready. There’s a process involved which lasts months before all that newly transplanted hair grows in for good.

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Recent Advances in Hair Transplant Technology

Dr. Alan Bauman writes on the advances in hair transplantation, and why it may be time to transition from the

Hair Transplants: Things to Consider First

HairlossTalk’s Science Writer, Dr. Deborah O’Neil gives an overview of the hair transplantation process, and some editorial insight into the

Dr. John Cole: The Follicular Isolation Technique

The new trend in Hair Transplant Surgery, FUE is being attempted by a handful of surgeons interested in the possibility

Dr. Alan Bauman to Perform FUE

Dr. Alan Bauman of Boca Raton FL has announced that he is now publicly performing the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure

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