Topical Spironolacatone Cream

Topical Antiandrogens are an important part of any hair loss treatment regimen. They primarily play the role of “prevention” and “maintenance”. If you could keep all the hair you have today, would you take steps to accomplish that? Topical antiandrogen treatments like S5 Cream are filled with ingredients that work to inhibit the causes of hair loss locally, on the scalp.

What is S5 Cream?

We offer two topical antiandrogen cream products.  S5 Daytime and S5 Bedtime cream.  The difference between the two is the absence of the helpful growth stimulating ingredient:  Caffeine.  The Bedtime cream uses a different absorption method without disrupting your sleep.

Simply put, Propecia is the most potent hair loss treatment on the market today for men. Women with androgenetic alopecia (thinning) stand to benefit from antiandrogens as well. But most people either don’t feel comfortable taking them, or they want even more power behind their current regimen by adding a proven topical. Women can’t take Propecia at all, so they’re left with topical solutions. S5 Cream is a topical alternative to internal chemical antiandrogens, providing the benefits without the side effects. Its a topically applied cream that works as an incredibly potent “androgen blocker”. Whereas Propecia inhibits the creation of DHT in the bloodstream, S5 Cream blocks DHT from binding to receptors on the scalp. If you’re up for it, using both S5 Cream and an internal antiandrogen like Propecia would be a powerful and effective way to stop and reverse your hair loss, with the monitoring of a physician. Women can take internal Spironolactone with the consent of their physician.

How does S5 Cream work?

Remember that Propecia, as a “DHT Inhibitor” takes upwards of 1 to 2 years to show results. S5 Cream is the same. The reason for this is simple: they’re stopping further hair loss, and enabling your hair to restore itself. This takes many hair cycles, and will require your patience.

Hairs in certain areas of your scalp have been genetically programmed to become sensitive to DHT. Propecia blocks DHT from forming at all. Antiandrogens block the remaining DHT from attaching to your follicles. Follicles develop receptor sites. DHT binds to those receptors and tells your body to begin rejecting the follicles. The reason for this isn’t totally understood, but the solution is simple. Propecia stops DHT from forming, and S5 Cream stops DHT from attacking. It’s a perfect solution. Even without Propecia, a topical antiandrogen can do its job just fine.

Who is S5 Cream For?

The rule goes like this: if you’re happy to keep the hair you have today, and to possibly thicken up just a bit after a couple years, then a topical antiandrogen like S5 Cream is a good solution. Just like Propecia, these treatments are extremely good at what they do, but they require patience. They don’t result in a big bushy head of hair in 3 months. They are the patient person’s intelligent method of attack on DHT. And they will do more for you over the long term than any short term, fly-by-night hair growth stimulant can. They work to stop further loss, and help you stay at your current baseline without losing new ground. You can always combine S5 Cream with Propecia, Rogaine, Tricomin, or any other topical to increase your chances of success. Its totally up to you.

How do you apply S5 Cream?

This treatment should be applied to the areas of your scalp which still have hair, but may be thinning. Applying it to bald, slick scalp will not likely help, as those areas have progressed too far to be salvageable. Simply dab a small amount onto your fingertip and smear it up a “part” in your hair. You can also simply swirl it around at the base of the hair. Use a sparing amount and it should not affect your hair styling at all. The goal is to get a very thin layer onto the affected areas of your skin. Over the next couple hours, it will absorb and spread at least an inch in every direction. You do not need to use a lot.

Natural Alternative to Propecia?

Topical antiandrogens block androgen receptors. It is not a “DHT Inhibitor”. These are two different (and very helpful!) approaches to treating hair loss. Since S5 doesn’t also block DHT topically, some feel that alone, its not sufficient to do the job. This is where Revivogen comes in. Revivogen works magnificently to inhibit DHT on a local level, thereby hitting it from both angles. Many of our members who saw success on Propecia have maintained their results on a combination of topical antiandrogens and Revivogen. The S5 is used twice a day and Revivogen once a day. We encourage you to read this helpful article on a combo treatment of Revivogen and S5 Cream. The last paragraph hits it on the head.

We carry S5 Cream in our Hair Loss Treatments Center so you can begin this regimen today.