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    NEW SK Update - Feb 17/2010

    Re: SK - Nov 6, 1.2 yr short update! THX PROSCAR U SAVED MY LIFE simply amazing!
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    Hair transplants in UK

    listen to people's advise here dont get a hair transplant unless you are on finasteride.
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    Other guys hair..

    I have had same experience.
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    Thought this was amusing story... if it wasnt so tragic haha

    only you would come back with something retarded like that
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    What do I tell him?

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    Jimjams's Story - 32yo - UPDATED 17.11.11 - New to dutasteride

    Re: Jimjams's Story - ( 30/ finasteride + nizoral + Topicals) good result!
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    Gene_Fighter's Story - (22/ been losing hair since 14)

    Re: 22 year old receder, been losing hair since 14. if you style your hair in the first pic, you look fine.
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    IBM's Story - (NW3.5 -Big 3+Oral spironolactone, pics added Aug 2008)

    Re: IBM story - (NW3.5 - Big 3+Oral spironolactone, pics added Aug 2008) IBM, I clearly see why you are a virgin now. damn whinny little school girl.
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    Re: Thenational's Story -3yr update- 4yrs proscar - Stopped

    Re: Thenational's Story - PIC UPDATE p3. u need to grow some balls.
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    Re: James (27) 15 months at Apr 2010...NEW Photos.

    Re: James' Story - (25)- 4 Months in (New Pics Month 4 added!) the crown has shown very good result, but you might need to get a small hair transplant to fix the front. Best of luck man!
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    Irishpride86's Story - (22 / Propecia 7 month update PICS!)

    Re: Irishpride86's Story - (22 / Propecia 4 mounth update PICS!) I think your hair is reacting negatively to Propecia.
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    Losinghair09's Story - ( 18 yrs old)

    are you blind? thats some serious hair loss