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    Cure In 5 Years From Now - Old Member Comes For A Visit

    How is everyone doing? came to visit after long break form the forum, used to be kinda active like 5-6 years ago, i remember the moto used to be "a cure is only 5 years away!" so im married now with 2 kids lol :p and still bald any new advances with cure upcoming in the next 5 years? :p
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    Tinder 10/10 Male Experiment

    its not about the number, its the mentality of ****ing everyone.
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    Tinder 10/10 Male Experiment

    enjoying sex is one thing. being a sl*t is another! dont mix the two! i look down on women who have sex with everyone , ill be glad to **** her and drop her too, but i would never want this kind of person as a mother to my kids. thank you. your such a liberal?! great for you, wait in line while...
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    Tinder 10/10 Male Experiment

    **** me this theard is long. anyways, i've done the same thing like 7 years ago, there was this app on facebook (same idea as tinder, you click yes or not on some random girl) made a fake profile of some model dude, funny thing is i also used the "dircet approach"... would write things and...
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    What hopes do we have now?

    I've been on these sites for almost a decade now, back then they said in couple of years theyll surly have a cure. even then, old posters like myslef today showed posts date years back that stated clearly "5 years for a cure". im almost 33 yo now, i can tell you that in the last 15 years at...
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    Bald guy picking up girls

    I want to address a few points about this clip he was able to get numbers doesnt mean he will get the girl. making a girl laugh is a huge thing yet it doesnt always trasnlates into getting her horny... looks DOES play a huge role here, and baldness takes big part in how you look, these girls...
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    Bald Pornstar reads mean comments

    This clip is amazing, they gave some pronstarts the comments feed on their clips i guess. Two things came to mind watching this: a) people picked on the bald guys head constantly, even though he seems like a great guy, which comes to show you what of a **** society we live in. b) people picked...
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    World’s first anti-ageing drug could see humans live to 120

    who the **** wants to live to 120 anyways
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    Footballers With The Best Hair

    That is one UUUUgly mofo, you Ireland guy, i love Conor Mcgregors receding hair
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    How do you let it get so bad thet you are bald

    The op has some sort of Downs syndrome if he thinks one simply "let it go bald"... its called genetic you you ****ing moron
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    I wish I was a BBC

    bbc pass as a white dude, for black men, bbc or real male pattern baldness is the same, no one can tell the stubbles, and black men look good bald because it doesnt stand out like a freakin light bolb. if i had my hair i would probably go bbc or really close trim. i think its a clean healthy look unlike realy...
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    FOLLICEPT - New Growth Stimulant potentially coming in 2015

    they dont "vanish".. they just need 5 more years to get the cure ready. its that simple :) so instead of coming here, every mornning remind yourself " 5 more years baby!" = win!
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    So True.. sexual harassment.

    So... even tough its a comedy sketch, it still holds truth, i think some if not most of you can relate.. this is basicly the reaction you get with hair, and the ones after nw3+... nonethelss - for all the drama lovers here - you can still get good...
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    Tinder experience

    i think most people here are Fred-like-minded. they think that nw0 will guarantee them success with hot girls just throwing themselves at them just to band them... when in reality they wouldnt score even if they had full head of hair or ****load of money, reason being they are not good looking...