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    how bad is this (pics)

    Your hair is not too bad, your male pattern baldness pattern looks very similar to mine at the moment (your hair is a bit better than mine). Im around a NW2 w/ diffuse thinning.. However, your only 17 and I dont want to sound negative or anything but most of the time when you start losing it that young it tends...
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    Dr. Lee's new 12.5% Minoxidil Solution--thoughts?

    I'm kind of curious about this new 12.5% liquid solution also.... I need to restock on Minoxidil and I'm thinking of buying either Dr. Lee's 12.5% liquid, Spectral DNC, or Rogaine Foam. Anyone out there with some experience with this 12.5% liquid??? How is it workin for ya? Do you think its...
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    My hairline

    Looks like your thinning in the Norwood 2 areas... Although your picture is pretty dark and its hard to tell. I would say your a Norwood 1.5 - 2
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    Brad's Troubles

    I would suggest you get on Propecia and Nizoral if you want to maintain your hair... Then if you want to kick in some regrowth you could add a little bit of Rogaine. And cutsinger you tell him your an expert and to take nothing and just wash with plain water... Wow you sound like a real...
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    Going out in the sun--what to do?

    Wrap aluminum foil around your head, 1 square foot should do the trick
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    Tricomin and spironolactone....

    Thanks for the replies... Thats good to hear that Tricomin doesn't make you shed, thats the last thing I need right now. Im going to order some Tricomin tomorrow along with 5% spironolactone and following Goingat20's advice I will apply the topicals one after the other. I hope the alcohol in Tricomin...
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    u gotta try this new comb.. kinda silly

    It works great on your pubes too! :lol:
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    Whey Protien users ...Please answer...Thanks

    Are you adding the whey protein to bulk up or lose weight? When I was working out I was using whey protein and eating ALOT and so I gained ALOT of weight too (muscle & some fat). Four pounds is nothing and could be due to water retention, not taking a dump when you weighed yourself, wearing...
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    Byuing Tricomin

    Hey You could get it from this website, I think its 46 bucks for a 1.5 month supply (6 ounce bottle).
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    Topical spironolactone..Has it helped anyone ?

    Im interested in this also, anyone else have positive/negative experience with spironolactone?
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    IM 18 AND i'd love some help

    Well if you really want to get your "teamoles" back, I would suggest to use spironolactone, you could get it for around 20 bucks at
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    Tricomin and spironolactone....

    I was thinking about adding Tricomin or Folligen to my regimen, along with some spironolactone from Dr. Lee.... Does anyone know if adding Copper Peptides will cause an initial shed, because my hair is really thin right now and an additional shed would make me cry :cry: Also can you apply...
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    CBS Evening News tommorow...balding cure

    I think TheMoose's post is a reality check to all of us.... I havent read all 15+ pages of posts but where da hell is this 2008 date for HM coming from?!?!? Is it just speculation or is there some kind of new breakthrough that is giving us this promising new date??? I hope to God just like...
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    MSM causes less shed/stronger hair?

    MSM = Methylsulfonyl-methane I got mine at GNC, but you could find it pretty much anywhere. Its promoted as helping joint cartilage, but its also thought to make hair grow faster and thicker.