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    Thinking Of Moving From Finesteride To Dutasteride

    If you're really getting negative side effects from Finasteride, I do not recommend to get on Dutasteride. The drug inhibits more DHT than the other so the effects could be really unpleasant if they're already bad on the less potent one. Please talk to your doctor for any professional medical...
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    Balding, Ugly And Depressed. 24 Year Old Male

    Please, be kind to your self. I've learned well about that over the past couple of years. Making friends isn't easy for everyone, I have struggled with that as well. About hobbies, you may never know what you will like until you try it, and it could be from something amazing from which you least...
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    Please Help, 55 Years Old, Disabled And Now Losing My Hair!

    Hey Dan. :) 1) You could start seeing results from Finasteride in as little as between 2-3 months, as you should notice that the number of hairs falling out are lessening. I highly doubt Finasteride did anything to cause a cyst on your cheek, I would take your doctor's advice on that. 2) It...
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    About To Start Finasteride And Have Some Last Questions

    Side effects may or may not subside if you stay on Finasteride, and also depending how severe they are. I've been on Dutasteride for over two and a half years with no side effects. The thing is, I noticed on my pamphlet every time when I go to pick it up, it does give a warning that continuing...
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    Alternative To Propecia/finasteride

    Kerem, get your hair checked by a specialist. If you're really suffering from Male Pattern Baldness, getting on Rogaine and Regenepure DR is a good start and I use both of these products myself. Find out if you can start Finasteride at your age, I will admit that beginning at 17 really pushing...
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    Has Anybody Ever Saw Improvement With No/less Fapping ?

    If masturbation could trigger Male Pattern Baldness, then practically every male would be suffering from hair loss.
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    I Imported Minoxidil Kirkland For Own Use, And I Received This, Fake?

    The Kirkland brand of Minoxidil is not fake and I use it my self. I use the foam version only and not in liquid form. I will say that definitely looks odd. When I first started Minoxidil, I did use the liquid form, and different brands as well. The liquids ranged from varying light yellow...
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    Took Double Dutasteride By Accident.

    lol You're fine, brandnew88. Over the past year, I have taken a one week vacation two times out of state, and on both occasions I didn't bring my Dutasteride. When I got back I just kept taking them as normal and nothing negative happened to my hair. The drug itself has a really long...
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    Quit Finasteride During "shedding Phase" Will Hair Regrow?

    It would not go very well because if you stopped Finasteride use, then DHT levels will return to normal systemically and will continue to miniaturize your hair follicles. If lost hair grows back, it will be thinner, stay shorter, and growth will be slower. Worst case scenario is hair won't come...
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    RU and minoxidil together

    Hey Sanchez, I haven't used RU58841 for nearly a year now. I first started using it in June 2015 and stopped in July last year when I finally decided to accept that the treatment just wasn't doing much for me. Also, I didn't notice any changes when I quit. I am still using Minoxidil.
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    Anyone Else Feel Like They Will Never Be Happy Again?

    I understand your pain. I look fairly decent with a shaved head and it's still upsetting. It just doesn't go away, it's always there. Time just keeps passing by and it's still there. I think it's fair enough to say without exaggerating that those like ourselves really got traumatized by hair...
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    Balding Nightmare Fuel Thread. Post Your Most Shocking Experiences.

    I know exactly what you're talking about. That dreading thinning, continuing to progress, while combing your hair, strand by strand, all taking more effort and becoming less effective. It gets to all of us eventually.
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    Serious Hair Ocd, Does Anyone Catch Themselves Always Touching Their Hair?

    I touch my hair quite a lot, and it's become such a bad habit since I worry about it frequently. There's nothing wrong with worrying about your hair but constantly thinking about it, which I do struggle with, will really make you feel crazy at times. I'm always embarrassed to be in public with...
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    Minoxidil side effects (wrinkles, dark circles) and alternative

    When it comes to anything being 'scientifically' safe, any measures could change with further research. There are many synthetic medications with unnoticed side effects, where even some could be life threatening. That's when those treatments are revoked. Looking back now, collagen helps slow...
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    Can't Shave Head Because Hair Takes To Long To Grow

    Thanks. I still feel and look 100% better with hair, anyone does. I've always thought that people with advanced hair loss, like at least NW4+, look best when their head is kept buzzed from around a 1-2 depending on the person, what ever the head shape is. While a grown out horseshoe certainly...