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    David Beckham, now also thinning??

    To me the hair isn't that bad, considering he's under direct sunlight and his cut is quite close to the scalp. In the pic with his son you can see how his son's hair looks thin as well, in the top/crown area, and his hair is even longer. Everybody's hair looks thin under direct sunlight if...
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    socks from hairloss help

    I did enjoy his craziness. But only to a certain extent, because, obviously, the guy is delusional, and nothing says "delusional" loudlier than two pages posts explaining his theories and reasons. I think we are all a bit "imaginative" when it comes to ourselves, and I don't want to totally...
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    socks from hairloss help

    There are many many guys that just lost some ground and stay there forever. As I've observed not all baldies get to NW6, they freeze somewhere in between. It has always amazed me, haven't you seen one of those guys with an island of hair in the middle of the head that never dies?. I mean...
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    Has anyone seen Vivica Fox's hairline?

    For Christ's shake, you call that a NW2??? I think we should think about modifying the old Norwood scale to the new NWp (Norwood paranoid) or the NWt scales (Norwood taugenitch). It should start at NWp2, being it perfect human hair. Then, NWp6, for everyone with slight hair loss. And...
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    Asthma Medication and Hair Loss!!!!!!

    I used to have corticosteroids until I was 16. I had delayed puberty, and I've always thought it was because of this. I also developed slight gyno and a sleep disorder by the time I was 18, and I started losing hair. I had diffuse thinning, most noticeable at the crown. My hair loss haven't...
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    anger when looking at hair in the mirror

    No sh*t!! What form of death should I expect?. Wrath of God?. An avenging angel with a flame sword?. Taliban rage?. The Spanish Inquisition? A horrible and painful disease?. Please confirm me exactly what kind of morally deserved death I'm facing. You'll understand that there's no...
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    anger when looking at hair in the mirror

    For me it's just an explanation for the mistery: Guy is worried by hairloss/Guy is NOT using foam.
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    anger when looking at hair in the mirror

    It's amazing how one person can brag so much about his hair, treatments and lack of results, and at the same time, not trying the most proven effective and widespread method of regrowing hair: minoxidil. It is really, really curious. Maybe some people like to feel bad about themselves?. Like...
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    Official Spectral DNC Thread

    For me, after an initial thickening, things haven't further improved. I'm currently at the 7 month mark of both DNC (night) and foam (morning). I have been in liquid minoxidil prior for 2 years, and never saw regrowth, I was pretty excited because this combo has been the only thing that offered...
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    Dermmatch, the king of concealers

    I think it's noticeable that there's something going on in that triangle bit at the hairline. Maybe it's just me, I don't know, maybe I just see it because this a thread about concealers and would never noticed it in the street, but I think I can see something "painty" there. Maybe you...
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    I'm in the dumps

    All BS
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    I'm in the dumps

    I wouldn't put my confidence on propecia or avodart in terms of regrowth. As a standalone product I have only seen marginal results regarding regrowth, in this forum or HLH or anywhere else. They are great mantaining, though. It is not unusual that they improve a bit the thickness of the...
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    Using roagine foam 101

    I also don't know what's the indication, rub or not, but if I don't rub, some bits of the foam just don't make it to the scalp, they hang into hair strands. I guess if you haven't diffuse thinning, as myself, this doesn't happen, but it's mandatory for me. I would like not to rub it...
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    You're wrong about women

    Women nowadays only have one thing into their heads: It's named Ron Paul.