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    alternative to just for men Hair dye

    I haven't had to do this yet, but what I have been told is that the key thing is to go for a tint, rather than a dye. There are dozens of widely available brands. Tints add a transparent layer of colour, but the variations of your natural colour are still visible through it, so the end result...
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    Clips adhered or sewn onto back of Vloop Hair system?

    I don't think a plain v-looped base would be strong enough to support a clip attachment - the torque would end up tearing the unit. You would have to have a poly rim to put the clips on.
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    Production updates, and when we expect things to pick up

    The problem is at the Korean side. Trade goods are now able to go in and out across the China border, but the Koreans seem to have completely shut their frontier. Only a country as isolated as North Korea could do that.
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    Must-have tools, products and tapes?

    Here is a list I did for another poster of the things you need or might think of if you are doing your own maintenance. It's very long, but don't be put off by that - you don't need to buy everything at once, and some things you may not need at all. It's geared to a lace based unit. Must haves...
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    How Do You Do To Remove Glue From The Lace Base?

    You do use alcohol to release the adhesive bond and take the piece off, but that alcohol will evaporate pretty quickly at room temperature. If you are using the cotton wool technique, do it after the releasing alcohol has evaporated and the piece is dry. You don't want the glue getting diluted...
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    alternative to just for men Hair dye

    Is it for your hairpiece or your biohair?
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    Stickiness so annoying - how to remove?

    I don't have particularly oily skin, but I am sweaty, and I do some sweaty activities, particularly mountain biking. I have to be a bit careful for the first day after applying the system not to sweat hard, because it would turn the hairline glue whitish. After that, I don't have any problems...
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    Stickiness so annoying - how to remove?

    Yes, I do do that. If you tape an inch or so behind the hairline you can use the strong tape (I use Walkers No-Shine) which would be too thick and visible for the hairline itself, so you get a really solid hold, and the hairline glue doesn't have much work to do, so you are less likely to get...
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    What kind of styling products do you use?

    This is the stuff I use, which you can get from Amazon.
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    Wearing for the first time but cannot seem to attach (scalp protector seems fake)

    Usually it’s best not to cut the factory-made hairline, because you will be cutting away the graduation, which is an important part of getting a natural look. But if the hairline is too straight and looks fake, maybe you have no choice. You can use a razor blade or scissors. Small sharp nail...
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    Wearing for the first time but cannot seem to attach (scalp protector seems fake)

    As Baldbearded says, the tape gradually gets stronger for the first 24 hours, and is strongest after 24 hours. By the time it gets to maximum strength it is very strong - you would rip your skin if you tried to pull it off. Even after 2 - 3 hours it’s usually pretty strong. I don’t think you are...
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    Wearing for the first time but cannot seem to attach (scalp protector seems fake)

    Try washing the system thoroughly in washing-up liquid. I think you'll find that is the problem.
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    Wearing for the first time but cannot seem to attach (scalp protector seems fake)

    Hi James Have you washed the system? New systems usually come with a layer of silicone to stop the hair drying out, and you have to remove it before you apply the system, otherwise the silicone stops the system sticking. Washing the system in washing-up liquid (dish soap for the American among...
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    Is there some issue with flying and a hair system?

    There was some discussion of this when the X-ray scanners first appeared, including from a wearer who worked in an airport and was able to do systematic testing and talk to the security operatives. The conclusion was that the machine does not pick up lace or thinskin systems, but it can...