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    Hey Mysteryman - yes, all good with me, but I am distressed at the way this forum has...

    Hey Mysteryman - yes, all good with me, but I am distressed at the way this forum has deteriorated. I was hoping Toobad's apparent disappearance might mean a return to sone semblance of normality, but I don't see any sign of that unfortunately. Everything good with you?
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    Yep, It Came Off During Sex... Crap!

    Thanks for the kind words man. I'm still around, but only just. Every time I come here I am depressed. For years this was the best resource on the Net who guys who wear a system or are thinking of getting one. Just look at it now. A couple of toxic personalities abetted by a few idiots have...
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    How do I deal with a red patch (a rash?) below my system’s tape?

    Hi Daniel, sorry about the slow response. Hydrocortisone cream is the usual remedy for rashes of that kind. Obviously if you can give your scalp a break by going without the system and wearing a cotton baseball cap for a day or two that would help. If you're in a situation where you have to...
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    Crinkles getting in my poly system. Need help

    Hi Daffie. If it's a stock piece, which most are these days because of Covid, it may just not be a snug fit. If there is too much base material, that will cause wrinkles. All you can do is arrange for the wrinkles to be at the back, where they are covered up by the dense hair, rather than at the...
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    Partial Hairpiece - Where to buy?? Does it work?

    Any half-decent seller can sell you one of these, and they will sew the clips on for you. If it was me I would use day-wear low-tac tape rather than clips for the reason you mention - the possibility of traction alopecia. They work amazingly well. The only thing you have to watch is that you...
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    Any experience with CNC and/or CNC full caps

    The whole "computer-generated scalp" schtick is nonsensical - a silly marketing gimmick verging on a scam. Just generally, this company is over-priced and the design concept is poor. Stick with the more conventional designs and manufactures.
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    Jake Kent interviews baldcafe on YouTube.

    Pimping Hair Club for Men must be up there.
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    Lord Hair!!! Stay away!! Very bad experience!

    For me, this is the point. The damage done by a badly made hair system potentially goes well beyond the price of the hairpiece. If you are trying to keep your hairloss situation private, you are risking exposure of the fact you are wearing and the awkwardness that may cause. Even if you are open...
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    What should I do, if it gets this far?

    Or you could move the hairline down a bit and go for a more receded look with temple flaps:
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    What should I do, if it gets this far?

    I think this looks about right aesthetically for that amount of sidehair:
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    What should I do, if it gets this far?

    If the shadow that you can see on your uncle's head would actually grow out into viable hair, I think there would be enough to support a decent-looking toupee. The hairline would have to be a bit receded to keep it looking balanced, but it could still look good. My feeling is that so long as the...
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    New system too thick and wrong colour?

    Hi Yknoff I think what they are telling you is spot on. The system itself looks excellent. The colour and density look very good to me. You may get the feeling that the density is too heavy, but that is a familiar mental block that everyone gets when going from thinning hair back to normal...
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    Is it possible to have this type of hairstyle with full cap hair systems?

    I don't wear a full cap, but I have talked to quite a few guys who do. I think the first style would be pretty easy to achieve, the third style probably also possible, and the second style difficult.
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    New here.. Need help with new poly stock system

    Not dishwasher soap, dish soap (washing-up liquid, if you are a Brit). Just drip a bit on the underside of the base, rub it all over and lather it up with a damp cloth, then rise if off under the tap.
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    New here.. Need help with new poly stock system

    I actually think washing-up liquid (dish soap to Americans) is best for that first wash, to get rid of the silicone. It's too harsh for repeated use, but it's the most effective for that first time.