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Aug 8, 2020 at 4:35 AM
May 13, 2007
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Senior Member, from Tokyo

Noah was last seen:
Aug 8, 2020 at 4:35 AM
    1. H201986
      Hi Noah..... hope you are well during this time...for my first fitting, I’m opting for longer hair style, for the however, is a lower skin fade ideal over a taper? During the lockdown my bio hair has grown considerably.... and want to take advantage of for a good blend.
    2. H201986
      Hi Noah,

      My hair loss isn’t that bad, Norwood three but thin on top.

      I have tried medication, and having a weak donor area I’m considering a hair piece.

      I have scheduled a consultation with the Bristol hair replacement stylist. Apart from density and colour, are there any other questions I should ask? Appreciate your advice... regards

    3. crikey1980
      Hi, noah, noticed you're a bit of an expert on hair systems and your hair looks great BTW.
      I'm 39 nearly 40 and still have most of my hair, I'm probably nearly a Norwood 3 but have a sharp v which makes styling my hair a nightmare.
      Have been thinking of a partial for the hairline but it is all a bit scary.
      Any tips and can a small partial be done.
    4. Rahul Mehta
      Rahul Mehta
      Hey! Saw some of your posts on the forum. Would you be kind enough to PM details of hair systems providers (system + attach + style) in NYC or Detroit?
    5. bdubs1993
      Hi Noah! I've been lurking the forums for a while and I've seen that you can point people towards a few distributors for hair pieces/hair systems in a private message. Would you share those with me? I'm based in the U.S. Thank you very much!
    6. Firsttimer1982
      1. Noah
        Hi Firsttimer. Anything I can help you with?
        Oct 26, 2019
    7. AH007
      Hi, i have been contemplating getting a hairpiece but here in India, I don’t seem figure out a reliable supplier. Could you please suggest me any supplier in India or abroad which should deliver here without issues. Thanks in advance!
      1. Noah
        Hi AH007 - I can’t message you yet, because you haven’t been a member for long enough. Some of the features are disabled for newbies. But you are welcome to email me at, and I will give you some ideas.
        Oct 1, 2019
    8. hokixisiv
      Hi Noah, can you PM me with the details of the Madrid / other EU hair systems stores?
    9. SimonUK87
      Hi Noah, Im unable to reply to your message due to the following error: [In order to prevent spam, certain functionalities are restricted for new members. As you become a more established community participant, these restrictions will be slowly lifted.]

      I've sent an email to the site owners. In the meantime do you have an email address?

    10. SimonUK87
      Hey Noah, I hear you are the go to guy to find where to purchase a decent hair system! :) Would you mind PM'ing me some details please. Kind Regards Simon.
    11. Dimitriis
      Hi Noah! Could you tell me alternative options of Quiff and co?
    12. Sento
    13. Daz171
      Hi Noah i was wondwring if you could pm me a list of reputable conpanies in the uk for a decent stock system. Thanks in advance
      1. CD1987 likes this.
    14. KimoKammam
      Hey Noah ,not sure how to pm you,I see you know a lot about the hair system stuff.Mind if I ask you a question about your opinion in some system distributors ?
    15. LeoJ
      Hey Noah, I noticed you seemed pretty knowledgable on vendors similar to quiff and co that offer the customs at a cheaper price. Do you have any recommendations specifically?
      1. Implantecapilarturquia
        Feb 23, 2019
    16. ace234
      Hey man I have read a lot of your posts, and I have found you to be very comforting. Your posts about systems are the only thing giving me hope about the hair loss process. I was wondering if there was a way to PM you to ask a question about when you think it is best to start wearing. Let me know.
    17. Seano760
      Hi Noah was wondering if you could send me some info on some of the vendors that do the hair pieces like the ones from quiff please and Thank you very much :)
    18. Gearoid McGinley
      Gearoid McGinley
      Hi Noah, not sure how to pm on this site, I saw you giving some advice re: who to go with and would appreciate if you could pm me to discuss. Thanks in advance, Gearoid
    19. spaghettix
      i´ve read that you wear a hair system and are a keen surfer. I am a surfer too. And now I have a few questions because everyone I know who wears a system is trying to avoid water. So is it really possible to surf (wave!!! not wind) even for like 6 hours a day with a system? What System do you use? Skin or lace?
      1. spaghettix
        What kind of glue or bond? How often do you have to reglue? And does it really hold completely? even if a wave breaks on you? doesn't even the front lift a bit? And did you have any problems when you were on surf-vacation? Any tips and tricks I didn´t think of?
        Dec 15, 2018
      2. spaghettix
        Sorry for the many questions but you are first one I found that shares the same problem and hobby. So i look forward to your reply :) Have a nice day.

        greetings from Hamburg :)
        Dec 15, 2018
    20. munt
      Hi Noah

      i have sent you a email hope your ok munt
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