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May 13, 2007
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Experienced Member, from Tokyo

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Jul 17, 2018 at 11:37 AM
    1. Lego
      Hello Noah!
      Could you please send me information on where I can find good quality hair pieces(toupee) in the United States of America? Thank you very much for your help!
      Also, I am a newbie, could you also tell me what things I should consider while buying one? Thanks!
    2. Smartalec821

      Would you also be able to send me the info about companies that do what quiff co does but more affordably? I’m also a newbie and trying to find a confidence boost. I live in the states, in Arizona, if that’s relevant. Thanks so much for any info you have
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    3. Lawrence A Nappi
      Lawrence A Nappi
      Noah, I see that you seem to be a bit of an expert with this stuff, i would love to pick your brain a bit if you could help me out. New to the site not sure if im using this correctly or now, lol.

      Could you message me and we could talk about it? 26yo guy here been loosing my hair since 19 and its been rough. thanks.
    4. NicholasJordan
      Hi Noah!

      Do you mind also messaging me too with any recommendations on where to get a quality hp? Preferably several so I can find one that could fit my budget?

      Do you recommend going to a consultant? I live in San Jose and was wondering if you had an idea how or where I might inquire about that. Thanks again!
    5. abdulla
      Hi Noah, can you also send me your source of hairpieces?
    6. Daniel Jenkins
      Daniel Jenkins
      Hi Noah, can you please send me the names of good dealers of a hair replacement piece? Thank you!
    7. Hairperfection
      Noah you’re the man for helping so many people and taking out your time. Bless u. I’ve been with HairDirect but they haven’t been good at bleaching the 1b hair. What’s the best company to order from? I’m looking at lord hair and total cover plus because they have this air flow skin system that’s supposedly breathable. Please do let me know sir.
    8. Stephen Hart
      Stephen Hart
      Hey Noah, do you know of any good and reasonably priced places to buy good hair pieces from in London/UK area, I am a total virgin to all this and you seem to know what your talking about,
      Thanks Stephen
    9. Jonny1788
      hi mate,
      I’ve got a system on at the moment which I got from the salon. For my next system I want to do myself but don’t really know where to start. Am I best off getting a starter kit? Where is the best place to get I have system from? Also what the benefits of having silk around the base? I live in the UK so will probably have to get one imported.

      Kind regards
    10. Kyle Reid
      Kyle Reid
      I have read your many posts and being a newbie to the resolution but experienced in baldness, i am curious as to which companies you recommend. I am looking to use a system similar to Quiff and Co but there prices are ridiculous, at least compared to other conpanies I have looked into. Just looking for your personal opinion. Thanks
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    11. Krystopher M Gray
      Krystopher M Gray
      Hey Noah,

      I'm just another poor sap looking for information regarding my personal hair situation. You seem to be the man with knowledge. I recently made a post titled 1st post suggestions needed. If you have some time of greatly appreciate your insight.

      Thank You!

    12. George Hen
      George Hen
      Hi Noah,

      I’ve just stared to wear a system and I love it (albeit I’m only 3 days in). You seem like you really know what’s what and I’d really appreciate your advice on a couple of questions if that’s ok - would it be ok to PM you? Thanks, George
    13. mm54321
      Hi Noah, I saw you respond to a few others via DM regarding who you order your systems through and what type. I was hoping you could provide this information to me also. Also, what type of glue do you use for your lace front?

      Thanks for all the replies on this site.
    14. DiegoC
      I sent you a message Noah, hope you Have time to check it out. Thanks for your attention!
    15. elias.elias
      hello Noah can you please say to me where(online) is better for buy ?thank you
    16. Willem
      Hi There Noah. Can you please give me some of your most preferred suppliers of hair systems online please?
    17. tyler94
      Hey Noah, I saw a couple posts from you and was hoping that you would be able to answer some questions of mine on hair systems. Which ever is the best way to contact you please let me know

    18. CzEchsMiX86
      Hey Noah. Not sure how to PM you. I'm new to the forum and wanted to ask you a few questions.

    19. Mikerays101
      Hi Noah, I would like to know about whats the best natural tape and glue, without all the toxic stuff you recommend.
      I'm kind of new here, and must say thanks for the posts.
    20. ahmed wolf
      ahmed wolf
      don't know what happened but my posts and msg were deleted ?
      and yeas i am shaved now :)
      here is my email address
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