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May 13, 2007
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Senior Member, from Tokyo

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    1. SimonUK87
      Hi Noah, Im unable to reply to your message due to the following error: [In order to prevent spam, certain functionalities are restricted for new members. As you become a more established community participant, these restrictions will be slowly lifted.]

      I've sent an email to the site owners. In the meantime do you have an email address?

    2. SimonUK87
      Hey Noah, I hear you are the go to guy to find where to purchase a decent hair system! :) Would you mind PM'ing me some details please. Kind Regards Simon.
    3. Dimitriis
      Hi Noah! Could you tell me alternative options of Quiff and co?
    4. Sento
    5. Daz171
      Hi Noah i was wondwring if you could pm me a list of reputable conpanies in the uk for a decent stock system. Thanks in advance
      1. CD1987 likes this.
    6. KimoKammam
      Hey Noah ,not sure how to pm you,I see you know a lot about the hair system stuff.Mind if I ask you a question about your opinion in some system distributors ?
    7. LeoJ
      Hey Noah, I noticed you seemed pretty knowledgable on vendors similar to quiff and co that offer the customs at a cheaper price. Do you have any recommendations specifically?
      1. Implantecapilarturquia
        Feb 23, 2019
    8. ace234
      Hey man I have read a lot of your posts, and I have found you to be very comforting. Your posts about systems are the only thing giving me hope about the hair loss process. I was wondering if there was a way to PM you to ask a question about when you think it is best to start wearing. Let me know.
    9. Seano760
      Hi Noah was wondering if you could send me some info on some of the vendors that do the hair pieces like the ones from quiff please and Thank you very much :)
    10. Gearoid McGinley
      Gearoid McGinley
      Hi Noah, not sure how to pm on this site, I saw you giving some advice re: who to go with and would appreciate if you could pm me to discuss. Thanks in advance, Gearoid
    11. spaghettix
      i´ve read that you wear a hair system and are a keen surfer. I am a surfer too. And now I have a few questions because everyone I know who wears a system is trying to avoid water. So is it really possible to surf (wave!!! not wind) even for like 6 hours a day with a system? What System do you use? Skin or lace?
      1. spaghettix
        What kind of glue or bond? How often do you have to reglue? And does it really hold completely? even if a wave breaks on you? doesn't even the front lift a bit? And did you have any problems when you were on surf-vacation? Any tips and tricks I didn´t think of?
        Dec 15, 2018
      2. spaghettix
        Sorry for the many questions but you are first one I found that shares the same problem and hobby. So i look forward to your reply :) Have a nice day.

        greetings from Hamburg :)
        Dec 15, 2018
    12. munt
      Hi Noah

      i have sent you a email hope your ok munt
    13. Tom0076
      Hey Noah! while searching for Northwest Lace hair systems reviews I came across your profile.I want a system that has realistic front hairline. Based on research, NWL seems like a good option. I will be ordering their stock piece in French lace. Can you please provide your valuable feedback on NWL hair systems and if there are any other better options available online for stock pieces.
    14. JayNoob
      Hey Noah! I was curious of your items and costs of the overall solutions? I'm guessing tape, glue, hairpiece? Also what time of lace system, it seems like we have a similar active lifestyle. Lastly, do you know of any clinics that are reputable in the Tampa Bay, central florida area? Or at least places that do cut-ins?
    15. Joshua P Levine
      Joshua P Levine
      New to this site & not sure if my other message got through :/, but was also wondering what system you'd recommend?
    16. RajM
      Hi Noah, I live in the US, so what brand or company would you recommend for me? to buy the hair from?
      1. dellcnu
        Hello Raj
        I am from Texas. Did you find any info of where to buy hairpieces from online
        Dec 14, 2018
    17. Hairloss88
      Dear Noah, I am looking into hair systems at the moment but there are some questions that I cannot find an answer for so maybe can help me.
      - As I have transplants in my frontal hairline will I be able to shave my head and create a decent bond without the hairs lifting my front hairline?
      - Do you have to razor shave to get a proper bond or is a very close shave sufficient?
    18. pyro0678
      Hi Noah, im new to all of this and I was wondering if you could send me the same info that you have sent everyone else. I live in the US and would like some advice. Thanks!
      1. bugz1 likes this.
      2. bugz1
        Could you send me the info as well. Thank you in advance
        Aug 29, 2018
    19. james dejean
      james dejean
      hi noah, i was wondering what do you think the best place to get a system from in terms of quality, price isnt an issue. was also wondering what you think the best system is in terms of strength? i plan on having an unexposed hairline but want the strongest bond as i would prefer full glue or front glue and back tape.
      1. bugz1 likes this.
    20. The Comb Back Kid
      The Comb Back Kid
      Hi Noah, I have seen provide excellent advice to members in ref to systems and was hoping you could send some info to me please. I am based in Liverpool, UK and looking for a full system, probably 80% density to match my current hair characteristics. Thanks mate
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