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    Res is something I've always wanted to try. It really does claim to be a miracle supplent. I'm on week 3 @ 100mg daily. Nothing to report other than I just started taking it.
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    polysorbate 80 is supposed to reduce sebum and that stuff is cheap - especially is you hit during their 3 for 1 sales.
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    Best concealer when hair is wet

    Not the expert on concealers (I've only ever used toppik on dry hair) - but when your hair is wet, I don't think there's much out there besides a baseball cap.
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    oily scalp

    Get a bottle of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar ("with Mother"). The Jarrows and Braggs brands comes to mind. Dump some on your head in the shower. (Keep it out of your eyes). Shampoo right on top of it and let sit for a few minutes. Rinse w/ cool water. Might take several applications before...
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    Itching like crazy...

    Emu Oil will cure the itch.
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    to all you guys with an NW5 +

    Never had a problem gettin' some. The ability to hook up doesn't have anything to do w/ the # of hairs on your head. I'm sure there's a % of women out there who take that into account - but believe me - they're in the minority and not worth your time or effortts anyway.
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    Best thickening Shampoo?

    I used it for the 1st time this morning. Lathers well, smells nice thanks to the essential oils, and my hair looks just as thick as it does w/ nizoral and/or Thicker n' Fuller Hair. I'll keep with it for awhile and report back.
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    Resveratrol shampoo

    I'm starting resveratrol today - orally.
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    I use it by itself (not in a shampoo) as a regular part of my regimen. I only apply it before bed (2 - 4 x weekly) as it does muck up your hair pretty good. Great for scalp health and hair conditioning.
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    Best thickening Shampoo?

    I just ordered a bottle of this stuff from ... -B-Complex 14oz for $5. Anyone ever tried it? It reads well (has positive reviews) and appears to have decent ingredients. I'll be back in touch w/ a report sometime next week :-)
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    Tricomin Vs Folligen

    If my hair were that short - there'd be more scalp than hair :beer:
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    Tricomin Vs Folligen

    Me too, Me too! :-) Actually, tric is like a very nice conditioning spray. Great to use if your hair's looking a bit dry, or for bed hair, or after work just to spruce yourself up a bit - versus folligen which I reserve for before bed only.
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    Tricomin Vs Folligen

    I wasn't going to say anything :innocent: I was actually looking for that bazillion page Tricomin vs Folligen thread that went through not too long ago - but must have breezed on by it.
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    Tricomin Vs Folligen

    The thread below might be a tad dated - but worth a look-see . . . viewtopic.php?f=11&t=33222&p=283567&hilit=+tricomin#p283567
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    Oils question.

    ... and supposedly, that's only in pre-pubescent males. So keep those many shampoos and soaps that contain lavender away from the yunggins.