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    How to get a prescription for Generic 5mg finasteride at Wal-Mart

    I got my FREE prescription from a hairtranslplant doctor. Just look up for a free consultation for a hair-transplant doctor and he'll prescribe you like he did to me. Good luck.
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    A lot of people on propecia experience erectile dysfuntion?

    I'm 26 Been on finasteride for nearly a year no sides at all NONE
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    Got dumped and seeing more hairloss...

    Recently, I've been depressed because my ex decided to finally end it. Since then, I've been depressed, depressed, depressed. Before that, I was and still am on the big 3. I would find very little hairs falling off when I would shower but never sweat it because of the big 3, but now that I'm...
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    Am I safe for a while?

    I'm 26 and I have a brother who's 17 and I can already see he's losing his hair. Sadly, he already has the hairline as I do. I think it's because of the illegal drugs he takes and also, maybe because he doesn't eat well. On the other hand, my second brother has an AWESOME hairline! He's 18 and...
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    does caffeine slow down baldness?

    60 cups of coffee a day to get similar effects from the study. F that.
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    My Nizoral experiment

    I'm 25, I would like to know how well it goes for you. Keep us posted on how it goes. Good luck.
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    What's the point if all you can attract is uglies or w****s?

    So you have money huh... ...look up The Tom Leykis Show and listen to his podcasts or look him up on Youtube. Seriously, like Tiger, just do it.
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    IwantDutas's Story - ( 35 / some questions and pics!!)

    Re: Hello I'm new, some questions and pics Your hair line looks great. About your regime... You should probably just cut it down to rogaine,propecia and the gym. I do.
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    Balding when your father has hair.

    I got the same problem you do. My dad's nearly 60 WITH no gray hairs and his dad has a full head of hair as well. Damn I thought I was gonna be okay too until I started seeing a damn receding hairline DAMNIT!!!!!!
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    He would have won "Hair Idol"

    The fallback for this guy is that he's gay. Alright, it's good for him but I always saw the ultimate part to fame and fortune was getting pussy! Pussy! Pussy! Unlimited!
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    I talked to some girls....

    I think the only way women would actually marry a balding is if he has...$$$$$$$$<--------8 figures. Just kidding. Or am I?
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    What's the best way to ask Dr. for propecia?

    I went onto Propecia's website and found a Doctor that gave a FREE consultation, which resulted in my prescription to finasteride. All I did was call the number that the site listed and a lady answered (the front desk lady) and I asked her for an appointment and she asked for what reason and I...
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    I hate dumb girls

    TOM LEYKIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look him up, he'll help.