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    i have a few questions

    thats basically like being given a death sentence. death by f*****g firing squad. what about sh*t like this though this guy's entire head is made up of body hair. i would be more then happy to have the head of hair this guy has at the end
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    i have a few questions

    im 23 NW3. I always hear that u shoudlnt consider surgery until your older incase you go all the way to NW7. This is to apparently make sure you have enough in your donor area to cover what's necessary right? I'm pretty sure all of my body hair combined along with the hair in my donor area...
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    Bald father - son having full head of hair

    my dad is in his mid 50's and has a NW2 and my hair has been going down the shitter since age 15. hilarious.
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    What age do you consider to be pre-mature balding?

    i started receding at 15. school was really fun.
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    can someone explain:

    why we are able to clone sheep why we have f*****g robots on mars who are able to send data back to earth through countless miles of space why we can grow a penis on someones arm and transplant it back on but we dont have a permanent solution for male pattern baldness are you f*****g KIDDING ME?
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    Dead person to live person scalp transplants a reality?!

    does such an operation acutally exist???? and if so what are the complications with it? i woudlnt even think twice if it provided a permanent solution
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    Dead person to live person scalp transplants a reality?!

    i would 100% be down to have a dead persons hair transplanted onto mine if it would give me a permanent solution to this problem id pay anything aswell i dont give a f*** about how ethical it is their already dead they aint gonna miss it
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    about to update my regimen

    well ive been on propecia and minoxidil abut 19 months now the first 6 months i started regrowing but now im about back where i started NW2 hairline and thinning on top especially the bit just next to the crown. theres a line of destruction going vertically through my skull. now im not...
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    things are looking bad

    double post
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    how much is your hair worth?

    id rather have the hair back then 1 mill but hairline from when i was like 13 cuz by 16 it already looked like sh*t
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    my thoughts about toppik

    does the spray keep the toppik from rubbing off or just keep the hair in place?
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    things are looking bad

    im also just 21 is dutasteride a bad idea for someone my age to be taking?
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    things are looking bad

    my libido was lowered im currently off propecia (just for a week or 2 until my next installment arrives) and ive already noticed higher sex drive i make up for it by just jerking off less so i still feel as horny as normal but it was only for like 2-3 months that i stopped taking...
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    things are looking bad

    looking to change my regimen... im f*****g LOST here i need someone to help point me in the right direction in easter 2004 i attended a known london hair center and got on my treatment 12.5 minoxidil 1ce a day and 1mg propecia daily by the end of the summer my hair was looking better then...