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    The link between chronic caffeine intake an increased androgenic sensitivity

    You can always count on this place to churn out the same anecdotes from years gone by.
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    Hair Today Hair Tomorrow Hair Forever

    This is pretty much hair loss treatments summed up in one statement.
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    Finasteride Doesnt Work, What To Do Next?

    You’d be surprised how many people that have been on these forums for years still don’t know this.
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    The Last 30 Years There Has Been No New Drug Known To Induce Hair Growth Better Than Big 3

    Nizoral is trash. What imbecile came up with that as part of the big 3, I’ll never know.
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    Experiences With Drinking Liquid Minoxidil ( With/without Finasteride )

    Men can get away with wrinkles and salt and pepper hair though - society classes that as distinguished and a ‘silver fox’ look. Men could age even better if they used sunscreen more. Men tend not to look after their skin as much as women do. They do more outdoor jobs with more exposure to the...
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    Hypotension From Oral Minoxidil (urgent)

    It’s a strange one. He really doesn’t like oral minoxidil. It’s good that people are aware of sides but he just ignores what everyone says and goes on about ‘how good topical is’. Its success rate is about 35%.
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    New Study About Fina Safety, Sexual Health Dysfunctions Significantly Affected By Fina

    You’re on duta, aren’t you mate?Thinking I need to change over soon from fina. Fina poss not strong enough anymore.
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    Sides And Back Thinning On Dutasteride (pics)

    It’s probably not the main culprit but do you need to use nizoral 3 times a week? It’s pretty harsh stuff. I know you’re only using the 1% but still. There’s a few stories (with pics) on here about nizoral affecting hair texture.
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    My Dr. Said No To Oral Minoxidil. Help?

    That’s the smart way to do it. Visit your doctor and see if you are suitable for low dose (1mg). As oppose to getting it off the grey market and taking 5/10 mg a day and then complaining of side effects. Of course you are likely to get side effects at that dosage.
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    What Exactly Causes My Hair To Look Visibly Thinner The Next Day Of Washing It?

    Dry shampoo is good for adding the ‘more volume’ effect.
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    How Finasteride Has Destroyed My Life

    So true. You literally aren’t going to change anyone’s mind with your opinion. Just a broken record going on and on and on.....
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    Recommendations On Oral Minoxidil (dosage And Sources)

    I got referred by my gp (who thought I would benefit from it) to a specialist dr. The doctor wouldn’t prescribe it me. Said I didn’t need it yet. So one dr said I’d benefit, another didn't. Just different opinions. Obviously, I know the online options, just a bit of a pussy with it...