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    My first haircut since 1999.

    You know, for that EXACT reason I didnt go for all those years. Something about telling a room full of people that I have thin hair, and need a "special" haircut. As pathetic as it sounds, It took me like all all day to muster up enough courage, walk in there and actually tell the guy that I...
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    My first haircut since 1999.

    The last time I got a haircut was in my last year of University. It looked like COMPLETE crap. I may as well have told the lady "It doesnt look like I'm losing my hair badly enough...could you fix that for me? thanks" I let it grow a bit and then saw a picture of myself and started crying...
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    Please comment on LASER combs. Any good results? PLS Share

    ive been using one for awhile. My hair has gotten a LOT thicker...although im not sure how much of that I should attribute to the comb as opposed to the big 3. Its a pretty crappy product and shoddily made, mine just stops working for a few days and then starts again. I called to complain...
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    2 year update for big 3 and lasercomb

    Nope...unfortunately, I didnt take any pictures to start 2 years ago. In all honesty, after having read things on here and the lasercomb site I was sure that I wouldnt get results. I HATED to be photographed and would shy away from cameras whenever possible. One of my saddest days was seeing...
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    getting better after switching to Dutas

    hey wangho..long time no see. Hope youre doing well. Sounds like the spiky hair thing is a good sign. From what I gather, a thinning out period after 1 year and a bit isnt that unnatural. in my personal case, it was the hair that came back MUCH thicker thats made the most cosmetic...
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    Thin's story - (Diffuse Thinner: Looking for input. Pics) doesnt look too bad. I doubt anyone thats not balding themselves notices it. Your hairline is still pretty good. I had somehting similar...only a worse hairline and a more pronounced bald spot. The big 3 have helped me out substantially. Also your hair looks like its begging...
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    2 year update for big 3 and lasercomb

    Damn....I can;t believe its been 2 years. I got my propecia prescription Aug 4 2004, and my first 5% minoxidil a few days later, then I got nizoral 2% a few days after that. At the time I started, i had been losing hair for about 7 years to the poit where people would call me bald. I shaved my...
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    1.5 year update *best decision i ever made*

    haha quagmire =p. Sorry no pictures :( . Thats my biggest regret, i was SO sure that the meds wouldnt work that I didnt bother. I just took them for peace of mind mor than anything. At the time, I coulndt look at my top of my head because it was just too damn depressing. I didnt really...
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    1.5 year update *best decision i ever made*

    I was at the height of depression with everything when i started my treatment. I would think (obsess) about hairloss for probably 85-90% of my waking hours. the "results not typical" thing relly got my hopes down along with the seemingly thousands of non happy users on this forum. Since...
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    thank you meds =) !!

    no...i bought it at the registerred dealer in Toronto. For some unknown reason, they don;t deal at all with the lasercomb anymore. They suggest that for a refund, I'd call the actual company in Fla. If anyone is teetering about buying a lasercomb, from my experience, I'd say avoid it. Its...
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    thank you meds =) !!

    hey, I used to come on here quite a lot. Recently, I felt I havent had the need to. I always thoguht thhat if I had success, i'd come back here and help others out. But honestly, its worked so well, that I almost never ever think about my hairloss. I honestly feel that this is a large...
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    MVN Awards

    how about the "I'm a 35 year old NW1.5 with 600 posts" award??
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    i agree...It may just be a seasonla shed, or a series of bad hair days. compare pics (if you have them) and if you notice no difference, then youve had success. Think where you might be if you werent on the treatment. Maintenance doesnt get the credit it deserves. Also, a year exaclty isnt...
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    What do you all think of the Lasercomb ?

    My damn laser comb broke within 3 months. I didn;t do anything to it..the piece of crap just stopped working, all of a sudden it wouldnt turn on (yes, I tried changing the power source). They ARE willing to send a replacement even though my warranty expired expired, but it will cost me $150 US...
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    Retirement from Norwood jokes

    If you're being for real..thats a damn shame. Some of your stories completely took away the worry of hairloss for a time and made me laugh about it. Either way....hope everythign goes well for you.