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    My First Diy Hair System Experience.

    Noah I am doing salon as of now, I figure I will go every three weeks for my maintence, keep in mind I live in New York and we are in holiday season now, so should I go up every three weeks or should I make in sooner, my maintence is $150.00 plus $30.00 tip, I know it's crazy but I think going...
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    My First Diy Hair System Experience.

    Do you have Diffused Unpattered Alopecia? I admit I am in my mid 40's but I went to a hair transplant doctor he said to me he THINKS I might have diffused unpattered Alopecia but he is not sure because of my age and I still have hair on the sides and back although I have fine thin hair. Doing...
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    I Never Seen A Hair System Look This Bad, Where In 2018

    Next week my big week of getting my hair system and I was horrified when I saw this bald man and his hair system. I am hoping my system does not look this bad because I rather stay bald then. I mostly see good ones. This one is not good. However I do like this guys Systems as to me it...
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    Does A Shorter Cut/lighter Density Affect Durability?

    What about 80% Noah? The hair replacement company gave me a choice of 80% or 100%. I heard the more density the longer it will last, however because I am 40 and I guess not knowing any better I chose 80%. I was going to go with 100%, but was not sure. So did I make a mistake, the specialist...
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    Is Ultra Thin Skin Provide The Most Realistic Looking Hairline?

    I know it's a lordhair ad, but I am very curious about this type of hair system because I hear so much about it on other YouTube video, but I think this forum is plenty more honest then companies making this claim, so I am asking 2 questions. 1. Is ultra thin skin really provide the most...
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    Well Known Hair Replacement Companies Still Photos Hair Replacements Look Fake

    To be fair, a few photo hair systems look good, most however do not look good at all. I hope mine next month look good, but it does scare me a little. Hair4all some claim is the best online hair replacement company in the U.K. YET there instrgram photos looked very bad in my humble opinion...
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    Well Known Hair Replacement Companies Still Photos Hair Replacements Look Fake

    I watched this hair4all hair replacement companies YouTube channel plenty and his systems always amaze me. However I looked at hair4all instagram account and unlike the YouTube video hair4all hair systems look extremely fake. I mean I know a few look...
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    This Guy Suggestion You Can Use Hairsprays At Target On Your Hair System. Is That True

    That doesn't make sense to me. However considering I will be getting my first hair system the first week of December I like to know, can I buy any hairspray at Target and use it on my hair system or is he wrong???
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    Does This Guys Hair System Look Natural?

    I will not give my opinion, so I will see what comments I get back. Here is the video All righted everyone what do you think. REAL OR FAKE? You can fast forward to 5:35 to see the guy with the hair system on.
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    What Is Remi Hair And How Likely That You Would Get It If I Order A Mail Order System?

    I sorry guys I just realized two people answered my question at the bottom of this forum. Ignore me asking this question. Sometimes I am a real dummy I thought no one answered my question now I see two people have. I do not know how to delete this post from the forum and so I will check...
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    What Is Remy Hair And What Hair Replacement Companies Offer It?

    Hi everyone again: I am just curious what exactly is REMY hair because I was reading a post on YouTube about a online hair replacement customer talking about REMY hair and that most places lie when they claim to have it and which online companies in anyone's experience really offer REMY hair as...
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    Hair System For Hot Humid Sunny Sweaty Asia

    Wow baldbearded, I would image its tough having a hair system in Israel with all that heat, plus and forgive me for asking isn't like a war zone out there, at least the way the western media here in America portrays. I do not know how you have time for a hair system if everything going on in...
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    Two Years In And Taking A Break For A While At Least ( 38-40 Odd Degree Days Coming Soon)

    Wow I am kind of the reverse, I shaved or buzzed my head for over 23 years, but now in my 40, 43 exactly, I decided to give it a try and wear hair. I believe my unit will be ready next week or week after. Is it a perfect solution, no but I want to try it now and all I can say is everyone here...
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    Wow, A Video Like This Scares People Away From Hair Systems?

    No friend, that is not me. I will be getting my system either next week or the week after, but it's coming soon. Just got nervous when I saw the video. The guys system on one side doesn't look natural so I am hoping mine does not come out that way.
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    First Timer - New System Being Fitted Wednesday

    Did you ask about lifts, like what happens if the system lifts in the front after taking a shower?