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    New to Minoxidil: racing heart, headaches after second dose

    you overthinking it. I am pretty sure racing heart at 1ml 5% topical is just unavailable option to pick as side effect.
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    Low level light therapy effectivines

    buying these helmets will only make you look dumb in mirror and nothing more.
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    Is topical dutasteride worth it if i can't handle finasteride?

    Dutaseride is deifinitely worth it but we still have lack of data about topical one I switched from finasteirde 1mg daily from 2 years to Dutasteride 2x per week for half year to get it loaded with full peak and now i am on 1x per 5days and still doing great!
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    Male 17/ I know I have fine hair, but how's my density looking?

    Yup, it kicks. Finasteride or Dutasteride for the first shot.
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    Minoxidil 15% results and expectations.

    Hi, over 5 years I used a lot of minoxidil strength formulas varying from 5% 7% 10% 12% or 15%. I found there is no beneficial increase from 5% to higher percentage. So I stick to 5% with less greasy formula.
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    New Forum Coming - Prep Yourselves!

    The software and interface itself look pretty nice. But also dark mode would be cool. Most people spent their time here at nights i think and eyes are pretty tired after busy long day. But thats my opinion :)
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    Looking for feedback for MinoxidilMax DualGen 15

    pretty greasy, hair will glue a lot. I do not reccomend at all.
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    Help Guys 17!!! Do I Go Bald Some Advice

    normal when you have naturally thin hair. No male pattern baldness, you can delete your account. :)
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    All 5mg Oral Minoxidil Users, Please Read

    Hop in on Dutasteride, it was my best shoot for hairloss.
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    8 Months On Minoxidil 5% Liquid Nw2.5 To Nw1. Great Results.

    tbh great :P i am off and on dutasteride weekly, like i am taking 2 pills peer week, and using RU+Minoxidil once daily and sometimes i even skip or forgot to take meds, i use dermaroll maybe once per 2 weeks if am not lazy and still i am NW2.5 but a lot of velus hair on NW2 terrain. Pretty...
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    Recently Buzzed My Head, What Norewood Am I At??

    U Shape hairline, looks 1.5/2 (depends on natural line). You are good. Be consistent with finasteride.
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    Topical Dutasteride Case Assessment Thread

    Agree, this forum turned into bullying people on treatmens/stuff by balding people without regimen
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    What Is Your Current Favourite Hair Loss Scam

    Trinov (Brotzu lotion) and all these fanbase noobs disliking my posts while i was saying it will not work due to many factors i posted. That was crazy, but i laughed very hard.
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    I Quit Minoxidil - Should I Restart? With Pictures

    You will got your gain back if you restarted fast enough. I am restarting minoxidil every year for one month.