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    Gentlemen: What Norwood Level Would You Say I Am?

    Looks like you have some recession and thinning badly.
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    Gynecomastia: Have Any Of You Used Gynexin?

    And did it work? I'm suffering from slight gyno and was thinking about buying it. I was wondering also if there were any other drugs that get rid of gyno, possibly cheaper?
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    25 yo on treatments: thinning on top or nothing to worry about? (incl: high res pics)

    Can you post a pic before you started treatment. I don't know what I'm looking at here.
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    Does anyone else here completely avoid the Success Stories section of this forum?

    So true. Propecia is an amazing drug when it works, yes when it works.... And we know what happens when it doesn't work, time for bitchtits and ****ing erectile dysfunction.
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    Belgian prime minister is a bald ugly young man in his 30's

    His glasses fit perfectly around his huge nose.
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    Is hair loss (male pattern baldness) and penis size/sexual stamina related?

    No, no and no. All rubbish mate. And all broscience.
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    Mass killer Breivik

    I always find it funny when thinking about prison, apart from all the rape, my first thought is my hair is ****ed.
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    What type of hair loss do I have?

    As you said you're thinning. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that's male pattern baldness. I suggest go see a dermatologist Male pattern baldness in some cases can leave your hairline intact and instead attack your scalp. Your father bald or balding? How bad?
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    did people care more now or then about being bald?

    It is a totally ridiculous observation to assess that there are more bald/balding people just from seeing a few odd pictures 30 years ago because it's not a good sample size and that's why no individual can get a rough idea of how many bald people there are purely through their perspective. Only...
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    Dangerous. Dermarolling is banned on these forums.
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    Could higher than normal level testosterone be a contribution to hair loss?

    Lol sorry about that I meant the NW7 ring male pattern baldness leaves when you loose your hair. Those hair's are immune to DHT. I sometimes refer to it as a Crown lol. We only have Finasteride that inhibits DHT production,