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    Italian Hair Loss Lotion To Hit The Market In 2016

    Crazy that this post is still alive! Can someone please update me whats going on with brotzu, because i don't wanna ride the hype train again. "Been there done that". :P thanks anyone who takes some effort for me, ps i'm not updated after may18.
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    Topical Finasteride - User Experiences

    For all those who want morrf 5%, topical finasteride in minoxidil. There maybe may more sites which our experienced members know. Also if still fail to execute the same, i’ll help you get the product. My review about...
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    Which Nortwood Am I? Huge Forehead Guy

    From your main photos, i was jealous. Hated you for posting here when you have a good hairline. These latest photos, makes me reconsider. I guess it’s beginning. Also blood samples are taken to determine any deficiency, if this is ruled out then its male pattern. I have some questions for...
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    Am I In Norwood 3? Very Depressed 24yo Asian Male Feeling

    You’re NW2 according to me, as NW3 starts when receeding goes behind your side burn. As far as finasteride is concerned, get it prescribed. It will help you maintain & if lucky then some regrowth. Also you may be a non responder or get pfs. Goodluck, consider the cons & pros before taking...
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    Is It Male Pattern Baldness Or Diffused Thinning. I Am 28 Years Old Now

    rakesh to my honest review i feel you’re balding from your pictures. Those who say that you’re prefect & what not, it may give you some satisfaction. But being in any kind of denial will only worsten the situation, and even if you know there isn’t much you can honestly do as of now. Maybe its...
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    How Long Do We Have To Eat Propecia?

    OP eat it till your last breath or sides take over you or it stops working whichever is earlier. :P Replicel & Tsuji are the last line of visible hope, brotzu isn’t scam its just badly presented & “under performer” in comparison to pre-sitiri claims. 5 years of regrowth, 2 norwood back and no...
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    Italian Hair Loss Lotion To Hit The Market In 2016

    I’m not a mind reader or a lip reader but if she isn’t saying those words stated below then i am pretty sure that she is saying “f*** androgentic alopecia”. *pasted sarcastic smile* Fidia seems to be highly unprofessional and holding hopes is going to hurt everyone. 1.they don’t reply to any...
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    Us Fda Approves Histogen Ind For Female Hair Loss

    why so much negativity with histogen? i think its similar to shiseido?
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    Topical Finasteride - User Experiences

    Topical finasteride in minoxidil. Its available in india with the pharmacy. Even i’ve started the same regime like him a month ago, hope i get these results too.
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    Aclaris Began Phase 2a Trials For Topical Jak Inhibitor Today - Just Fyi

    hope and false hope are two different things, i’d cry a river hugging you if you just say the word hair, infront of me. i was never so pessimistic about any possible cure but brotzu stabbed me in the heart i guess. unless i see something legit i won’t hold any false hope.
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    Aclaris Began Phase 2a Trials For Topical Jak Inhibitor Today - Just Fyi

    With each day passing by, my faith is erroding. Too many “so called studies & trials” & still we are left with the big three. I need the word “launched & available in stores(pharmacy) near you” & my derma prescribing me the same.
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    Hair Restoration Laboratories.. Scam Product?

    Lol if thats the case then why not commericalise it? Get it fda approved & get tons of money with your monopoly.
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    The World Of Baldness & Just Shave It.

    Thats why i dropped finasteride as it started giving me sides. I m thankful for my overall living style & i’m blessed but this hairloss is taking a toll on me. Yes hair system excites me but few people have scared me that it looks unnatural, makes you feel irritated and causes scalp issues...
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    The World Of Baldness & Just Shave It.

    I’m 5 days away from my birthday & 3 days away from my exams. Here i am feeling super low about my hair right now. I took a break from studying & searched quora for some motivation about “baldness”. Found plenty of posts where people(man & woman) posted their clean shaved pictures. Stating...