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    Does Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy really work?

    I had it done in the middle of August. So fair have not seen any difference, though the doctor told me it would take about 8months before it starts to fully kick in.
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    platelet rich plasma hair treatment

    Has anyone had platelet rich plasma hair treatment or knows anyone who had? I am thinking of getting it from here, it costs 1500 but for someone like me if it is effective it could give me back all my hair because I still have over 95% of it
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    Polaris Labs NR-02: Could be a real game changer What does everyone make of this? finasteride and Min in shampoo form! Has anyone bought this or have any idea about it?
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    Miconazole Nitrate

    There seems to be a lot of talk of Miconazole Nitrate at the moment on the various hairloss websites. Is this something to be trusted or will it make my hair fall out even quicker?
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    Dr. Proctor Nano shampoo, does it work?

    No they do not a year on both prox-n and the shampoo did nothing for me your best bet would be revita and revita.cor they have all the same ingredients and many many more and are about the same price
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    Best shampoo / conditioner regime, rotating shampoos etc

    Revita.cor, if what it claims is true is the way to go. It states that the ingredients stay on your scale for up to 12 hours after washing.
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    Should I put green tea extract in my shampoo?

    WTF I have lived in Japan for 5 years and they drink a heck of a lot of green tea and they lose their hair a lot later than everyone else. Green tea helps not hurts in the battle against baldness.
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    Buying spironolactone in the Uk

    Does anyone know the best place I can get spironolactone in the UK without being ripped off. Thank you
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    finasteride substitue

    How does the following sound as a reasonablely good replacement for finasteride saw palmetto beta sitosterol green tea extracts He Shou Wu soy isoflavone Pumpkin Extract taken daily
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    How are bald men treated in Asia?

    Its the opposite in Japan Here the educated ladys and the ones with international experience are the ones hunting for the foreign men and in a country where 99.2% of the population is Japanese almost 6% of the women who got married last year got married to foreign men. Also Japanese men are...
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    How are bald men treated in Asia?

    There is also the perception (though not always accurate with expats) that the white man is less likely to cheat on his gf than his Asian counterpart. Countries like Japan, Vietnam, Korea, thailand and China have rampant (pardon the pun) playboy cultures where it is far more socially acceptable...
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    If I use prescription Proxiphen, is it ok to quit Revivogen?

    No, dont quit!!!!!! Revivogen and Proxiphen have totally different ingredients. In many ways this seems like a great regime. Has Revivogen been useful for you? If yes then dont quit. Or try something like Lipogaine which is Revivogen + min
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    Dermaheal Hair Serum & ActiStem TB4-7 Peptide

    have u tried Spectral DNC-L? Ive been using it for about 6 weeks, not one side effect not even an itchy scalp
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    Dermaheal Hair Serum & ActiStem TB4-7 Peptide

    Have you had any results with these products yet?