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    A nice bloated face for me.....

    seriously get off these forums. please.
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    procecia is making me feel tired

    Yeah I've heard the same thing about taking it at different times....
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    wbeast's story - (23m just starting out - pics)

    i rekon ud probably get away with a shaved head if u had 2.
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    Stabilization with minoxidl 80-percent: Study

    As much as I respect your educated opnions on all things concerned with hairloss and video games, I feel that the offset of growth you mention time and again isn't entirely accurate for a lot of users of Minoxidil. I think it forces follicles to keep growing hair and stops the follicles resting.
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    PProccerin Scam? Spelling is different to avoid blocking.

    don't get us started.... stay well away. not only is a total scam, but it's more expensive than FDA approved treatments that actually went through trails for safety and effectiveness.
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    shedding after a yr on finasteride...

    YOu really have no choice but to wait it out. Sucks hey.
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    Omfg, I can never go swimming again!

    Taug, next time u show us some pics, CRACK A SMILE! It can't be too hard!! Hair looks fine dry, its amazing what wet hair and flash can do. Especially on light coloured hair, the flash basically penetrates through the hair as it's so low in pigmentation.
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    Omfg, I can never go swimming again!

    water + flash of course it's gonna look worse than what it really is.
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    Beside Jose Theodore,

    Johnny Dramas' on Propecia AND Rogine... Entourage fans will appreciate this. Turtle even makes a threat of killing himself by popping all of Johnny Dramas' Propecia pills!
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    DD's Story :) Hi (cell phone pics sry :( )

    Definately male pattern baldness. Get on the big 3 or prepare to lose more basically. Classic male pattern baldness hairloss pattern.
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    Nothing's working! This could be my last resort

    Stick to your current treatments for at least a year. I didn't really see any progress until 2 years in really. The people who chop and change their treatments are the people who never get results. Remember that.
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    Puffy chest/belly/chin

    I'm guessing Creatine... did the same to me
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    Then what you doing here?
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    OMG people have noticed thicker hair!! new pics august 07

    Another good responder to the Big 3. Congrats mate!!