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    Proxiphen success story - 2 year update

    Re: Proxiphen success story Sure, I'll russle up some taken recently and from a year ago with my hair at about the same length - they'll just be normal photos though, I never really took hair line shots or anything
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    Proxiphen success story - 2 year update

    Hey guys, it's been ages since I've posted anything hair loss related on this site, but I figure I owe it to the community to share my success and the method I used to achieve it. I'm 21 now and probably a norwood 1-2 SHORT VERSION - took drugs and proxiphen, maintained/thickened hair...
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    BEST shampoo??

    You can get it very cheap online, Retin-A. It also goes for an exorbitant sum online as well, so be cluey. At you can get a big 40mg tube for $14.95 each...
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    Jumped the gun and took my first pill

    Well I'm just going on Bryan and others' statements that there was weak evidence for it, and having never seen any evidence for it myself. But show me the source of that quote and I'll have a squiz, and my mind may well be changed :pint:
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    Jumped the gun and took my first pill

    I've seen many of those threads before. Anecdotal evidence isn't what I'm talking about, it's not strong enough, otherwise we'd have to conclude that finasteride causes flatulence and makes you homosexual :p
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    Flutagel Does Not Work!

    Guys, do a forum search on flutamide and Bryan's posts (for those too new to have encountered him, he was without a doubt the most knowledgeable poster here... he had read every hair loss study out there, and had been posting for years on hair loss sites) I'm pretty sure he explained...
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    BEST shampoo??

    Sound advice here. Nizoral is a great shampoo for me - soft shiny hair. Nano is a good contrast - thicker, bulked up and wavier hair, it gives me. Rotating between these two is my favourite method, and if you have any faith in shampoos at all that's as sound a combo as you'll get. The absolute...
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    Jumped the gun and took my first pill

    Finasteride could cause an initial shed, but as far as I know there is no evidence for it
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    Evaluation of various internet pharmacies

    I've bought drugs from Inhouse before... generics, which all certainly "worked"
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    Anti-ageing creams and general face care

    f*** yeah, CCS pimping out in the legionairre's hat...
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    Damn straight it's obvious, why are we discussing this? In response to the original topic, I once heard confidence described as "the memory of past successes" and i think that's a good way to think about it - you build confidence by pursuing something and doing it well. You don't need to have...
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    Vitamin C can keep you healthy, looking younger

    Yes, and there's no point. Though it's water soluble, your body systems which use it are saturated at 4g and you only lose 3% of that a day. So, with sorta reverse compound interest, it takes about 90 days to run out. So even if you weren't taking any in food, you could take 4g every three...
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    Can exercize impact hair loss?

    I can see being fit and exercising regularly having only a positive effect, if any. It helps a vast array of different conditions that don't seem immediately related. Hormones and your body's physiology are far more complex than exercise --> increase testosterone --> increase hair loss
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    My decision to abandon Propecia...

    Does that doctor back up those statements with any sort of evidence?