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    Preventing Hairloss From A Young Age ?

    From my point on view, what is causing male pattern baldness can be dht or testosterone or both hormones at the same time, it all depends on your sensitivity/androgen receptors. I was 18, full head of hair and alot of testosterone in me, but i started losing hair at 19 and a half years old, now...
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    Prostate Becomes More Sensitive To Dht After Stopping Finasteride?

    i read an article from perferhairhealth and he said basically that prostate and any tissue with androgen receptors becomes more sensitive to dht after stopping finasteride. He refers to it as '' irreversible remodelling of androgens receptors. '' is that true? he also linked a study in his...
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    12 Years On Finasteride, Having A Month Break – Seborrheic Dermatitis, Result And Blod Tests

    @memoryboy did you get kids while being on finasteride during all those years?
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    Using Finasteride Whilst Trying To Conceive

    any updates about the pregnancy?
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    Finasteride And Sperm Quality/fertility

    if you are on finasteride, what happends if you want to have kids? im 21 and about to take finasteride, i plan on having alot of kids at 25 do i need to stop taking it? do i need to freeze my sperm before jumping on finasteride?
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    Preventing Hairloss From A Young Age ?

    well at what age should one take finasteride?
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    3 Months On Minoxidil. Advice Please

    why do you call finasteride a powerful ''drug'' and and is your opinion on finasteride?
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    I'm Leaving This Site. finasteride Is Working For Me.

    @Rho Gain other than that, what is your current hair situation? what brings you to this forum?
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    Reversing Balding Only With Dht Blocking Shampoo And Conditioner?

    is this for real regrowth or he is using fibers like topikk to make us think it's real regrowth??? Because if its true, WTF......... Just look at the first couple seconds of the video, he shows the transformation and talks about how the shampoo and conditioner helped, apparentyl it has 20+...
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    Oral Steroid Made My Hair Grow Back Thicker!

    if finasteride isnt working for you, what do you plan on doing to keep your hair or get regrowth
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    The Ordinary Multi-peptide Serum For Hair Density

    i might give this thing a try
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    Finasteride Sex Drive Issues (ed/libido)

    is breezula no longterm danger and no sides?
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    3 Months Dutasteride Destroyed Me Psychological. (pics Included)

    and we some 15-16 year olds starting to lose thier hair,,,,,,,,,,,, and we see kids the same age that will never go bald and probably have the same test and dht levels as the balding ones....... balding must be dht sensitivity of the galea/follicles , for old people, well just like everything...