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    had transplant but didnt do the big 3. pics added

    Re: had transplant but didnt do the big 3 Early 20's is kind of young for a hair transplant. Most docs would caution you against having it that young since you would continue losing other non transplanted hairs as you matured.
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    DO NOT buy Hair Essentials from Natural Wellbeing

    According to their website the product has a 90 day guarantee. Ninety days = 3 months, not 2 months; Maybe that is part of the issue. Perhaps you should have given it the full three months or so and tracked your progress.
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    doctor's propose..

    Brain damaged? Really? How so?
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    Does minoxidil lower the blood presure?

    Probably so if you use a higher than 5% percentage minoxidil or use more than the recommended 1ML twice per day. The FDA has only tested and approved the use of 5% minoxidil two times per day. Any higher doses or great applications than that and you are on your own.
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    Hair Essentials vitamin pills?

    I would say that it has more to do with your use of minoxidil than anything else.
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    Numerous vitamin supplements?

    Look back on page 12. If you weren't referring to me in your post immediately after mine, then I apologize.
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    Numerous vitamin supplements?

    Exactly how did I ridcule anything? Please point that out for me please. Having baseline before pics to go along with after treatment ones are pretty standard practice. Particularly for people trying to compare unproven treatments to proven and established ones.
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    Numerous vitamin supplements?

    If you have had actual regrow with through only natural means I would love to see some before and after pictures.
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    Where to buy Retin-A online?

    Retinol is not the same thing as Retin-A, just letting you know, and does not have the same effectiveness.
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    Brushing hair question

    Speaking of blood work you may want to have your thyroid checked. You are extremely thin for your height. Just sayin.
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    Brushing hair question

    6'1" and 129 pounds? Do you live in Somalia? Just curious.
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    Vitamin A Supplements may Negate Benefits of Vitamin D

    Google it yourself. It's quite easy to do. Google high daily intake of Vitamin A and liver function, or some such and read for yourself.
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    Vitamin A Supplements may Negate Benefits of Vitamin D

    Billions? Uhhhhh no. Taking 25,000 per day over long periods of time can damage a liver.
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    Vitamin A Supplements may Negate Benefits of Vitamin D

    Have you had your liver function tested lately? Because if you continue taking mega doses of vitamin A then it would probably be a good idea to do so.
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    Kevin Bacon's hair

    I saw an interview with his dad, he has/had quite a bit of hair himself and he was probably in his late 70's at the time of that interview.