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    Aclaris Therapeutics Announces “positive” 6 Month Results Of Phase 2 Androgenetic Alopecia Trial

    As such, Aclaris believes the next step is initiating a double-blind, randomized, controlled Phase 2 dose-ranging clinical trial with higher concentrations of ATI-502, with potentially a female focus, in the first half of 2020. This industry is such sh*t
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    Warning: Wuhan Are 100% Scammers! Avoid!

    Holy crap this is scary as sh*t. I gotta quit taking RU from Kane, I bet it's poison as well.
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    Replicel News: Replicel Reignites Its First-in-japan Strategy

    Why would we b**ch about this? "Looks like no news from Shiseido so Replicel is planning its own trials in japan." That's not at all what the article implies. Replicel has other cell-based projects that the article was probably talking about. The article even mentioned several times Shisiedo...
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    11th World Congress For Hair Research To Take Place In 2019 In Barcelona

    Your best bet would be to be verified by a trusted, well-known member on here. But, I don't even know who that would be anymore. It's too bad that people like Swoop and Hellouser are gone
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    A Very Interesting New Follica Patent: Needling Device And Drug Applicator

    So over a decade of research from Follica and all they have is a fancier dermaroller?
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    Update From The God Himself - Dr. Takashi Tsuji

    I believe in one of the interviews or press releases, it was said that they can control hair color with this. Does that mean they can cure greying hair? Obviously the hair still on your scalp before treatment wouldn't be affected, but for the new hair? Imagine that. Then we would wish we were...
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    Sandalore - Chemical Used In Perfumes To Mimic Sandalwood Triggers Growth?

    Not only me, moron. When someone is posting his regiment and people are asking him A LOT of questions such as "How do you apply it" or "is it still a lotion? does it work?" Maybe just maybe he should've included somewhere "Oh ya this is still a lotion so it'll be hard to apply if you have...
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    Sandalore - Chemical Used In Perfumes To Mimic Sandalwood Triggers Growth?

    The guy who was using Vanicream left out the small detail that it won't work with long hair. I, like you, thought it could work for long hair. I bought the Vanicream, asked him for instructions, and then told me privately that it's still a lotion when he applies it to his scalp. Something he...
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    Samumed Phase 3: Readout Expected No Earlier Than 2020

    Why do we still care about Samumed? Their last released results from like 2 years ago were so underwhelming...I'm surprised they haven't totally abandoned this.
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    Forum Is Not Working In Chrome. Anyone Else?

    I made a thread about this in another subform here: But I'm reposting here since this is the only sub where people go and because several other users said they had the same issue. As the title...
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    Some "way 316606" Stuff Is Making Headlines Today.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on this Georgie. Sounds really interesting. Looking forward to seeing your results
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    Did Something Change With The Forum?

    I used to be able to go to this forum with no problem from Chrome, but now when I do it, it's giving me a " Your connection is not private" message. " normally uses encryption to protect your information. When Google Chrome tried to connect to this time...
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    Sandalore - Chemical Used In Perfumes To Mimic Sandalwood Triggers Growth?

    Do you mind posting a link to the cream you bought? I think I found what you're talking about on Amazon, but it seems like it's one of those thick lotions. How do you apply a thick lotion to your scalp? Also, is all Sandalore made equal? I want to mimic this guys routine, but the source from...
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    Sandalore - Chemical Used In Perfumes To Mimic Sandalwood Triggers Growth?

    Can you post your routine with Sandalore? Where did you purchase it? What do you mix it with? etc.