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    Terrible shedding after 1 year use

    I am at the one year mark as of TODAY :-) and I have been shedding for the past month. I'm trying to not get too concerned about it.
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    BackInTime's Story

    Still shedding like crazy! I don't think I've noticed much loss in density (a definite loss, but not much). However, last night I finally noticed new regrowth along my hairline. :-)
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    Wouldn't a dermaroller cut your hairs?

    I have been considering purchasing a dermaroller to use on my crown to ensure that minoxidil is reaching the hair follicle. I have one simple question I'd like to ask: My hair is quite long these days and I have concerns that by "dermarolling" over my hair I will be in effect cutting some of...
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    1 year update

    Awesome job! Thanks for sharing.
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    My girlfriend wants me to go bald

    You took the words right out of my mouth.
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    Definition of "thinning" hair

    What he said.
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    Just a quick question about a Biotin Supplement

    I don't measure, so I'm not sure. But just about everyone I know comments on how fast my hair is growing. I'm not sure if Biotin would speed up the recovery process or not. I use Spring Valley brand. I get it at WalMart for like $5 for 120 tablets. Cheapest place I've found to buy it.
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    Just a quick question about a Biotin Supplement

    Been taking 5000mcg every morning. My hair and nails grow like crazy and my hair looks healthier and has a nice sheen to it. Don't believe it has had any impact on my hairloss. I will continue to take it, though for the other benefits.
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    What country do you live in?

    New York, United States
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    finasteride to dutasteride

    I used Lipogaine once a day toward the beginning of my treatments with minoxidil foam in the mornings, then stopped for a few months because of the cost. I recently started Lipogaine again (about a month ago) and started shedding like crazy. I think this is because Lipogaine works so much better...
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    Shedding timeline!

    Month 01: Nothing Month 02: Minor Shedding Month 03: Minor Shedding Month 04: Re-Growth Month 05: Re-Growth Month 06: Re-Growth Month 07: Stable Month 08: Stable Month 09: MORE Re-Growth Month 10: Stable Month 11: MAJOR shedding (BUT...a lot of regrowth on my hairline...where all the hairs on my...