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    Bayer Prolactin Receptor Antibody For Male And Female Pattern Hair Loss

    Thanks for sharing. Chinese companies moving at the speed of light even through COVID. Even if we dont get satisfying results here, theres bound to be other Chinese and Korean phase 2s popping up especially with COVID stabilizing.
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    Verteporfin drug induced scarless healing with new hair follicles on mice. This new founding can be really big

    Basically, you are saying that cells surrounding a damaged site, even if damage removes 100% of a certain organ, can signal to the body that the removed organ used to be here. Axolotls can rebuild entire limbs as a result. The fact that hair transplanted elsewhere takes characteristics of scalp...
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    Verteporfin drug induced scarless healing with new hair follicles on mice. This new founding can be really big

    The FT admin proposed this theory based on their interpretation of the study: [] """ The Big “What if?” It seems as though it’s only a matter of time before a doctor, or even a hair transplant...
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    Follicum Trial Starting Soon In Germany

    Tbh, I think its best to assume SM was a flunk. If they did anything significant it would be in every thread once announce anyways. Otherwise, assume they bit the dust. SM is off my radar for the time being.
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    Got ride of dandruff [more than 7 words]

    Congrats bro, glad to see you and your hair doing much better! Plus we will see many promising things in the pipeline post-covid so keep your head up. :)
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    HaplnScience a Q2 2021 (Folliclethought)

    Not sure if this have been discussed on here but I wanted to open a thread here. Anyways, let's discuss HaplnScience! [] From folliclethought... TLDR; Korean company founded in 2018 targeting...
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    Does anyone here have any sexual fetishes?

    Hate to break it to you mate, but girls have cooties :mad:
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    RU 250mg per day is actually working

    Hi, glad to see you still going on strong. Any sexual sides at all?
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    When do I microneedle while using RU58841

    Havent added micro-needling as of yet. RU for around a month, I dont think RU is doing much so far but Im sticking with it. BTW switched from finasteride to dutasteride after 2-3 weeks on RU so its gonna be hard to know whats working and whats not. Ill keep you updated though.
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    Would you rather be given a cancer diagnosis or male pattern baldness diagnosis?

    Too many depressed weirdos tryna troll on this site. Kind of a bummer since the legit stuff is getting pushed down and we're stuck with a looksmax feed.
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    Finally Did It (My Journey) (Castration)

    Dear op, I hope you are doing okay. As it stands, im happy you are happy, lets keep it that way. However, I want to remind you that there is a reason we evolved into the social creatures we are. We have achieved so much technologically and socially through collaboration. Perhaps we will achieve...
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    Shaved my facial hair and now I'm depressed

    Double life? Crime syndicate boss doing monthly assassination jobs while being a 9-to-5 average joe? Universe blessed you with this ability for a reason. Something to think about. Or maybe ive just exposed you hmmm.
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    Shaved my facial hair and now I'm depressed

    Happens when I do a drastic change to my look. Either clothes or hair (barber fucked up and I went complete bald on the sides and long on top emo style). I hated it at first but like every change the look grew on me and I started to enjoy it. Play with the look for a while and youll find the...
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    Locationmaxxing outperformed minoxidil in mammals in THIS study (just have low pigmentation teehee)

    Tough times, gotta stoop low. Validation coins dont come by as easy when youre balding.
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    [brutal] czecha reveals his real identity {tldrcels stay out}

    Recycled funny on is the peak of comedy