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    Brutal Tinder Experiment Article From The Independent

    Even in his fullhead photos, he does have some moderate hair loss for 29. As the article didn't say if the experiments were done in different locations, I wonder if the results were to go differently if he did the experiments in the reverse order, so as to not 'exhaust' all the matches he was...
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    Is It Even Worth Saving Your Hair If You're Ugly?

    Imagine you were dating this beautiful woman who loved you, but she's required by law to go over and f*** her ex husband once per month. Would you still want to be with her? Believe it or not, this is the same sort of feeling a lot of women get when their boyfriend/husband has to pay money to...
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    Is It Even Worth Saving Your Hair If You're Ugly?

    This. Having hair in your 30s can certainly turn the tides. That 6'4 guy you were competing with in your 20s is either married and off the market, trapped via child support (not many realize how much of a turnoff this is for women), or is balding and is brought down to your level. 30s/40s...
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    Why Should Anyone On Proper Treatment Continue To Bald?

    Because they just don't work well. There are other factors besides DHT that are still unknown that cause the balding to progress. These medications have been out for a long time, and since the internet now exists in everyone's pocket, any man who cares enough to stop balding (and believe me...
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    When Taking Finasteride, I Thought I'd Be Just Fine, In Reality I Became Impotent Because Of It

    Most men's libido will decrease once they realize they are balding, regardless of what medications they are taking.
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    Risk Factors For Men That Increase The Likelyhood Of Hair Loss.

    I could go outside, but in this case a quick google search will do:
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    Risk Factors For Men That Increase The Likelyhood Of Hair Loss.

    Poor cranial and facial features do not "cause" male pattern baldness. Rather, it is part of the overall package. It is unusual for someone to inherit baldness but have all other traits that are genetically desirable (though it does obviously happen). Poor genetics are genereally inherited in...
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    First Ever Side Effects Free Topical Anti Androgen Fda Approved Today

    Great, a medication to address the concerns of the 1% of people who get sides from the current treatments. But is there anything for the 30-40% of guys who can't stop their hair loss with the current treatments? What a waste of time.
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    Baldcafe, The New Sly Bald Guys Forums.

    A lot of people here don't understand yet, but there is no scientifically proven reliable method of stopping male pattern baldness - fighting hairloss is optional. Accepting hairloss and eventually shaving is required.
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    Is Minxodil Worth It For Regrowth? Need People With Experience!

    Little better than snake oil. Try with microneedling for 3 months, and if you do not see clear improvement discontinue immediately.
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    Why Hair Is Your Life? Come On Vent It Here

    The first few years of fighting hair loss were the worst. The insecurity, constant mirror checking, the picture taking, the obsessive researching... It's better now, and doesn't really impact my life as much as it did before. Maybe because I'm older and a bit of thinning is not uncommon...
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    What Is The Official General Consensus Of Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment Combo As Of 2020?

    You can take 2.5 dutasteride daily, inject 15% minoxidil into your scalp, bathe in RU, and can go to the best hair transplant clinic in the world.... But we all know deep down, even with all those things - if you are destined to go bald, you WILL go bald.
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    Does Hair Loss Really Gets Stabilised After Turning 30

    This is a wrong way of looking at it, its not really dependent on age, rather than stage of loss. The idea is the more hair you lose, the loss does indeed seem to slow down by itself. This is why you see some guys lose the first few norwood levels very quicky, but then seem to sit at NW3/4 for...
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    Cure In 5 Years From Now - Old Member Comes For A Visit

    No cure, but you do have a wife and two kids. Therefore you have already immunized yourself from the most dangerous effects of male pattern baldness. Hair just vanity and hobby now (and warmth if you live in a cold place).
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    Being A Male Sucks More Than Being A Female

    While I disagree, I can see where you are coming from. Being a 16-24 year old man might seem unfair these days (I'm sure glad I grew up before social media) but you will soon come to realize there is balance. I think anyone will agree that after 30, anyone would rather be a man. So the majority...