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    Minoxidil And Low Blood Pressure And Bad Sleep Problems

    It appears you've resolved your issue. But, just for the record. When i first took minoxidil, I had a lot of trouble adjusting to it. It affected my blood pressure to the point where i was experiencing dizziness and light-headedness which lasted for several weeks on end. It was quite...
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    Puretech Health - 2017 Annual Report (2018-04-16)

    Holy hell, there is some serious ignorance on display in this thread. "not good news"??? Their timeline that they gave with the optimization trial finishing up and final trial beginning in 2018 was a PROJECTION. It was not a deadline. Trials take a long time to complete and a huge...
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    Ant Man And The Wasp Character. (spoiler Free)

    that would prob be considered a NW3. Goggins has had a hair transplant
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    Puretech Health - 2017 Annual Report (2018-04-16)

    No, it's not suspicious to run an optimization study. At this point, it only makes good sense (financially and from timeline perspective) to get the protocol as optimized as possible before engaging in an extremely expensive phase 3. Even if they achieved good results in their phase 2, why not...
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    Italian Hair Loss Lotion To Hit The Market In 2016

    The pain is real. Now throw this sh*t in the junk heap with Nigam, Dr Gho, and Histogen and however many countless other scams we've come across.
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    Follica - Good News!

    Follica is in their final phase trial this year. They've announced it officially. They're further along than any other company and that is a fact. The company is stacked with big name researchers and are actually growing new hairs. Now do everyone a favor and shut your ignorant *** up, you...
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    Wayne Rooney Couldn't Do Any More To Save His Hair.

    His donor hair is ridiculously thin. A small strip of hair from that sparse donor would never cover the massive amount of balding territory he has. He was never a good candidate for a transplant to begin with, and an ethical Doctor would have told him so.
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    Follica - Good News!

    Thank you for the link to the patent. I remember reading some of their patents way back when they first started publishing them about 9 years ago and coming across some information that indicated they believe they could control the "sex" of the hair follicles which they generate. In other...
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    Rafa Nadal Keeping Up The Intensity Despite Hair Loss

    Nadal had a hair transplant near the end of last year. By wimbledon he should be about 8 months in or so. He already is showing a dramatic improvement in the quality of his hair. His game is on the upswing as well
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    Follica Update R&d & Capital Markets Day( (may 12th 2017)

    I'm curious to know if these neogenic hairs will have a local effect on the scalp environment. Would their presence affect the scalp environment and make it less hostile for hair growth such that neighboring hairs undergoing miniaturization might be reversed or saved, so to speak. Maybe it...
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    Can One Manipulate A Drug/solution's Charge By Encasing It In A Charged Vehicle?

    Yes, you need to know the isoelectric point of your compound, then put it into a solution with a pH above or below the pI. This will cause the drug to carry a charge. Positive if you manipulate pH below pI, negative if above pI.
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    Rafeal Nadal Has Undergone A Hair Transplant

    Not being shy about it either, here he is practicing with his shaved head. Good for him
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    Rafeal Nadal Has Undergone A Hair Transplant

    Another high profile person going in for a hair transplant. Definitely becoming more mainstream
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    New Puretech Article Mentions Follica

    God speed to these innovative sumbitches! We need something bad
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    Replicel Hair Loss Treatment Trial Is Set To Begin In Japan

    You don't stop caring. Regardless of age, That's for damn sure. Yeah, it gets a bit easier to deal with as you get older, but it definitely sucks to see yourself age prematurely. I want the cure now, as much as i did in 2003