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    Generic Minoxidil Foam?

    SSM23,i use the regaine foam and get it from the place i hinted at earlier in this thread type 'm i n o xi di l direct' into google and choose the uk site....dont use the spaces its just cos says they spam this site a lot so they banned them :hairy: How long do they take to deliver?
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    SSM23's Story

    I am now 25 1/2 and stopped all treatments because of sides (finasteride-gyno), i am now bald again and have to shave my head every other day otherwise you can see the horseshoe. I am thinking bout starting minoxidil foam to try and improve things. "When will the cure come?"
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    Generic Minoxidil Foam?

    Anyone in the UK use minoxidil foam, if so what brand? How much? where u get it from? thanks
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    minoxidil Foam

    Iv been away from this site for over a year and have some questions about the new minoxidil foam. Where do you get it from? (im from the UK) Is it the same as 5% minoxidil? Can you apply it to a bold head (grade 0) or should i just order Dr lee liquid 5% minoxidil? please help
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    New treatments

    I have been away from this site for over a year and just wanted to know if there are new treatments out? Is minoxidil foam available yet?
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    Propecia Gyno - Puffy Nipples

    Are u a f***ing retard??? Why would i overreact? Propecia can give you gyno and thats a fact! (read the side effects) So shut the F*** up and stop talkin out YOUR arse! I took it for a year had great results in the hair department i stopped taking it because it started to enlarge my...
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    Propecia Gyno - Puffy Nipples

    Re: re i agree. Fu***G knob!!!
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    Propecia Gyno - Puffy Nipples

    Im not overweight, im 11 stone. im quite toned and there is no fat on my chest, but my nipples look swollen and stick out. any suggestions?
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    Propecia Gyno - Puffy Nipples

    I took propecia for 1 year before coming off because my nipples were getting puffy and lumps were forming, i stopped taking propecia 6 months ago but the gyno has not gone away. Some people mentioned that propecia side effects (gyno) can be cured/reversed. Will it go away itself or will...
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    Advanced Hair Studio misleading adverts.

    I never knew AHS advertised on this site, they should not be allowed to if this site any intergrity.
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    in need of advice big time guys

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    Advanced Hair Studio misleading adverts.

    i still hate those SOB's Steve GilL is gonna get killed
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    Minimum time between minoxidil 5% applications

    Whats is the absolute minimum time between 5% minoxidil applications? Is 6 hours enough?
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    Bodybuilding with finasteride!

    My nipples sound similar to yours before i started finasteride, however they are defo worse after taking finasteride for a year. I quit finasteride 2 months ago and my Nipples are still puffy and pointed. (btw, my nipples look normal hard, small and flat when they are cold)