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    Finasteride 1mg And Durasteride 0.5mg Gave Me Gynecomastia (man Boobs)

    Did you experience any burning sensation or discomfort around your nipples when you were on pills?
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    Starting Finasteride This Week. Anyone Else?

    Weird that finasteride doesn't f*** with my dick but only with my nipples. Earlier I had to stop finasteride after 3 months because of burning sensation in the nipples. After 3 months of stopping I decided to try it again but with 0.5 mg dose. Its been 6 days and the burning sensation is coming...
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    Starting Finasteride This Week. Anyone Else?

    Tried finasteride 1 mg for 3 months. Had sides. Stopped for 3 months. Now trying again with 0.5 mg. It has been 3 days. Finger crossed
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    Just Started Propecia And Wanted To Share My Experiences

    I resumed finasteride. Now i am taking 1 mg every alternate day. It has been a week. The nipple sensitivity is reduced but its there. I started shedding so i hopped back on it. What's your experience now?
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    Just Started Propecia And Wanted To Share My Experiences

    Did you resume taking finasteride or stopped altogether??
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    Just Started Propecia And Wanted To Share My Experiences

    Same thing happened to me after 3 months. My nipples were sensitive and sore. Specially my left one. So i quit immediately. But i am reconsidering about taking it again as my hairloss has resurfaced again
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    Gynecomastia Caused From 1mg Finasteride?

    Did you feel your nipples to be sensitive and sore? Coz I felt that at 3 months mark and I dropped finasteride. I don't wanna get one more problem hairloss is enough lol
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    Finasteride And Gynecomastia Symptoms?

    Thanks for the info man. Guess i'll stay away from finasteride for a week. Until then maybe get some tests done. I really don't want more medicines in my system. I was already adamant about finasteride in the first place. Finasteride stopped my hairloss but now i'll have to stop. f*****g...
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    Finasteride And Gynecomastia Symptoms?

    I have been on finasteride for about 3 months. My libido has taken a little hit. It wasn't bothersome until now. 3 months in and i am having sensitive nipples since a week. Is this an early symptom of gyno? If it is i will discontinue with medication right away. I am taking 1mg finasteride everyday
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    Why did you get banned? :p

    Why did you get banned? :p
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    19 Years Old, Debating Wether To Start Finasteride

    Did you experience an initial shed on finasteride ? Coz i am seeing a lot of shedding at 1.5 month
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    Positives Of Being Bald (post Your Own)

    Damn this thread is depressing. I am nw2, currently not on any treatments. I am 21 and i was thinking to wait till 24-25 to start treatments because of the fear of sides. Now i am reconsidering my decision while staring at a finasteride tablet in my hand
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    Almost Success With Minoxidil But Uh Yea

    I was also very adamant of taking finasteride but finally decided to give it a shot. So i'll also suggest trying finasteride once