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    Is it ok to bleach thinning hair? + question about finasteride

    Well the forums are full of self consicous people so.....
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    A question to all RU58841 users (Dht and androgen receptor related)

    RU58841 competes with DHT for reacting with the androgen receptors. My question is, what happens to the freely floating DHT that is in the dermal pappila but could not stick to the androgen receptor because of RU58841?? Does it do any damage to the hair follicles by inhibting any growth...
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    I need some clarification about DHT effects on hair follicles and androgen receptors

    Here it is:- Does DHT inhibit IGF-1 and any other growth factors after it reaches and makes contact with the androgen receptors or is it before??? I mean if DHT does inhibit IGF-1 before reaching the androgen receptors then i guess we figured out why most androgen receptor agonist like...
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    balding since 16 check out pics and your suggestions

    Use some ashwangandha for the stress.As for the finasteride id say get a blood panel of yourself. Are you hairy like beard and all??
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    Fue cost in india

    As of now NW2 with none of the vertex or crown thinningThink i will need about 1000-1500 grafts.If anyone could give me the price for the total surgery(doctors fee fue grafts medication kit et cetera) would be awesome....i am saving all i can.Ill have one after about 3-4 years.Will hold on to...
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    Propecia & Proscar Class Action lawsuit against Merc

    PFS is real.Sides are real too but what bothers me now is what am i gonna do without finasteride in my arsenal
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    18 and scared but took the jump and have taken my first dose of finasteride 2.5 mg....

    Yeah my bad.I have some minoxidil laying arounf but i don't know where i ca get RU in inda.The price is heavy too
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    18 and scared but took the jump and have taken my first dose of finasteride 2.5 mg....

    I said TOPICAL spironolactone. Ill still be using the finasteride but IN REALLY SMALL QUANTITIES.Considering to take a 5mg finasteride tab and put it in a 60ml 5/2% minoxidil bottle.Even if it goes systemic then i don't care.Such low dose won't be a huge screw me action. My family has a baldness history.Both sides of my...
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    18 and scared but took the jump and have taken my first dose of finasteride 2.5 mg....

    Okey one month update with a NEW SIDE:- Left testicle is aching time by time although not huge but manageble.Considering to quit and get on sprio
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    ORAL spironolactone????

    @massa IT STINKS BRO @Receginyt Ill be using it topically
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    check my pics and post what you think

    Yupp just starting to recede.Starting minoxidil is the best move.BTW you have a broad forehead
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    How close are we to a cure?

    Talking about super saiyans:- THEY CAN'T GROW THEIR HAIR. Kinda funny but i always envied vegeta's hair everytime i saw him.
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    News: CB - 03 - 01

    Is this for acne vulgaris or Androgenetic Alopecia?? If this is for Androgenetic Alopecia then great search bro I don't have much knowledge but, the 2017 mark of this baby's realease is spot on :-)
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    Something I've realized: Most people dont go bald.

    And what about being turned down??
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    Is this regrowth?

    Yupp definetly some regrowth.