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    Puretech Health - 2017 Annual Report (2018-04-16)

    According to their latest patent (yes :) ) and I think they are spending more than a decade in trials, studies, researches to test some compounds, not just a minoxidil on steroids ;) In this one we can read that : Needling device and Drug applicator (At-Home device) Source...
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    Puretech Health - 2017 Annual Report (2018-04-16)

    I'm pretty confident that Follica's treatment will be a game-changer (even more with SM and Shiseido) . It's not a cure for sure, but in their patents, they talked about the devices which can induce hair follicle neogenesis, and can also stimulate, activate, and reorganize follicular structures...
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    Puretech Health - 2017 Annual Report (2018-04-16)

    Hey @MrV88 I don't have yet a clue, but I think it could be available by the end of 2019 ;) In their previous report (Puretech health : 2017 half-year report), they said : " The Follica RAIN pivotal study is expected to commence in the first half of 2018, following the completion of an...
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    Puretech Health - 2017 Annual Report (2018-04-16)

    Hi Champpy :) No worries, They have already started the optimization study since February because they said that : Our RAIN pivotal study is expected to commence following the completion of an ongoing optimization study. Source...
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    Puretech Health - 2017 Annual Report (2018-04-16)

    They have already beginning the optimization trial ;) LMAO :D hahaha Sorry guys, I have found the webcast of Puretech Health but it seems that there are no informations about follica.... It's very strange... Every year we have some news... I will find other informations about this...
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    Tsuji Cultivation Confirmed Update Getting hair transplant Anyways In The Meantime

    Take a look here ;) :
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    Puretech Health - 2017 Annual Report (2018-04-16)

    Hi guys Do you know that Puretech Health will be Present at The Jefferies 2018 Global Healthcare Conference, this Wednesday (Tomorrow) 9:30AM EDT. June 6, at 9:30AM EDT Source:
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    Samumes Update: As Per Samumed Ceo Sm04554 To Go Directly To Phase 3 Study This Year!

    Hey guys I want to share with you some news about Samumed. What do you think about it ? First, today (22 May 2018) a new article was published in the Bussiness insider's website (France) " Samumed currently has seven clinical trials ongoing, two of which — one to treat a common form of hair...
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    Replicel Is On Fire Lately — Data In Feb.

    Hey guys :) Here you can see the details of the Shiseido's trial. - 66 participants. - 4 arms : Interventions/Control_1 Higher cell concentration Interventions/Control_2 Intermediate cell concentration Interventions/Control_3 Lower cell concentration Interventions/Control_4 Placebo...
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    Samumes Update: As Per Samumed Ceo Sm04554 To Go Directly To Phase 3 Study This Year!

    Yes they have already completed two differents phase 2 : 1. Safety and Biopsy Outcomes of a Topical Treatment (SM04554) for Male Androgenetic Alopecia (Androgenetic Alopecia): Results from a Phase 2, Multicenter, Randomized, Double-blind, Vehicle-controlled Trial : Source...
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    Is It True That Replicel Will Be Released This Year?

    Stay strong bro... You can see that the clinical trial has begun on july 26th 2016 and the last modified on February this year (2018/02/11) Replicel said that the read-out will be expected this H2 2018 (page 25) source...
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    “regrowth” Interview With Dr. Angela Christiano Re Game Changing “hairless” Gene Inhibition

    This article was published in 1998 for the discovery of the hairless gene ;) I remember of this one, I have seen it a few years ago. In this article we can read that Doctor Christiano is a 32 year-old woman. And in an another article published in 2010, we can see that she was 45 years old. So...
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    International Investigative Dermatology (iid) 2018 Meeting Abstracts

    With pleasure :) Follica has completed trials for their "At-Home Device" (they already have data of this Pivotal trial), the next pivotal trial is for the "In-Office device". They talked about a Drug combination product.. Maybe with minoxidil... Recently, they have entered into an optimisation...
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    Update From The God Himself - Dr. Takashi Tsuji

    You made my day with your news, I appreciated it very much I ask him if I can post his reply in this forum and he was ok with that. Doctor Tsuji worked so hard and he is so nice, he reply to us :)