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    Oral Minoxidil Liquid - How Do You Drink?

    Im drinking from kirkland topical minoxidil... I go like, half 1ml and halve it again (papitte is not even, its thinner at the bottom) so i guess im taking 0.20ml every night before bed. to be more specific, i dont drink it with water, i just create some spit/saliva in the back of my tongue and...
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    Any Insight On My Hair Loss Story? Any Advice Helps.

    1: Does your family have hair loss history? 2: Fix your defeciences with food, supplements as a addition. 3: Do/did you have scalp hair pain(at the root)? That is an indicator that your hair is being damaged (this is not good...) 4: The bulb at the end of the hair, Telogen phase? Maybe...
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    Hi, What Is The Best Exercise To Lose My Tits!

    first and foremost, fix your diet (and i f*****g mean fix your diet, stop eating potato chips, burgers, dairy junk etc, many idiots do this and still complain they cant lose fat). bench press (overall, just do weight lifting, its not a fat burner but its good for muscle gains, turn that mush of...
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    High Dosage Of dutasteride For A Time Then Maintain With finasteride

    Saw some guy on this forum (cant find the thread) who took high doses of dutasteride for some time and had good results, then he maintained with regular doses. he did this after another user did it first and said he should really try it, this involved taking 4-5 dutasteride capsules a day so it was...
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    Is Dementia/brain Fog A Real Issue With Finasteride?

    My derm said there was a higher chance for alzheimers, i did find some sh*t about it on the net afterwards.
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    Does My Hairline Look Like A Norwood 2 Yet? 20 Year Old

    Look at your family, any hair loss there? And when? Best thing to do is preserving what you have right now (start treatment now, shampoo, finasteride, whatever). Slowing down this curse or preserving is the key, i would have hopped on finasteride and dutasteride when i turned 18, but what the f*** did i know about...
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    Suicidal Over A Girl..don't Think I'll Ever Get Over It.

    I suggest you read on stoicism (and maybe MGTOW).
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    I Won The Battle But Lost The War .

    What the heck are those results wow, lets trade places... Try lowering the dose, or topical DHT blocker or something, that is way too good results to just give up, IMO.
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    My Parents Are Absolutely Un-f*****g-believable

    Kid, tell her she should go to a hair transplant and remove all the hair on top so she becomes a norwood 7 for life, then see how it feels like. We are trying to save a Limb here, our hair.
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    I Think Hair Loss Changed Who I Am Today

    If these scientists or whatever the f*** these clowns call themselves, could get their f*****g sh*t together and cure/treat hairloss, we wouldn't be on this forum, Today.
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    Tinder 10/10 Male Experiment

    The experiment only proved that women cant identify men. I had to vomit Eminem's Mom's spaghetti after seeing these lesbians go at eachother.
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    Does Finasteride Transform Your Body To A Female?

    The only female thing about my body is my biceps' name, Lucy and Stacy. Hope it stays this way.
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    Oral Spironolactone Every Other Day

    I wonder this too. Bump.
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    Tips/help On My Almost Balded Scalp (pics)

    About face changing, i have noticed thinner cheeks. I dont know if its finasteride or the long depression i have had which took effect (eating once to twice a day and little, sleeping patterns fucked etc). This is worrying me, my bro came back after a year and when he saw me again he said i looked...