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    I see. So you need to be NW3+ in order to be hated by society... for wearing a goatee. Or maybe I am just dumb, thereby escaping the insults and abuse. That makes sense.
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    They also have perspective on what it's like wearing facial hair and apparently society despises men with goatees. Why is it then that I'm not experiencing any of this ridicule, mocking and abuse? Like none at all in the last 15+ years I haven't been clean shaven? Not even now with a NW3 shaved...
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    Yes, I am a moaning maggot.

    See this is why I'm skeptical about this whole baldness = ridicule thing. I've worn a goatee/facial hair for the last 15 years or so and have not even once experienced someone mocking me about it or laughing at me. But you're not bald you say. Well no, but I'm a NW3 and I've been shaving my head...
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    Don't think so, it just looks like a low quality photo that usually makes people look better because it hides any skin flaws. The shaved pic looks like a shaved NW1 though, women actually love that. Although I think Fred would still look good with no hair, I can see why he's going with...
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    bald= ugly? depends on your overall facial and skull strectrue.

    ^ This is true. Hairline makes all the difference even if it's just a slight shadow. You don't even need pronounced masculine facial features to pull off the shaved NW1 look. It is also why so many women say they don't mind a bald head without even lying about it. They just don't know the actual...
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    i almost dont see bald man on tv

    Heh. Recently I told a girl who has a thing for Iglesias that he's bald and wears a wig. She refused to believe it but I could see in her eyes she was pretty disappointed. Too many people do believe life is like Hollywood and what they see on TV is "normal".
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    Andy Murray - thinning?

    Berbatov started receding in his mid-late 20s. It's not unlikely he just has a slow progressing male pattern baldness. Iniesta is getting worse every year for sure, he's thinning on the top a lot now. Not everyone goes completely bald at the first sign of hair loss.
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    Retarded Head Shape. Destroyed. Help!

    It doesn't look bad at all man.
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    Aaaaaand here's why all these PUAHATERS are here, AGAIN....

    There is no way a person with BDD can regularly visit a site like puahate and make a couple of thousand posts there just "for the lulz". Glad you're feeling better now man but come on.
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    baldness the catalyst

    I don't see how is this true for ucman. He is tall, has handsome facial features (no homo), has a pretty much perfect skull shape, apparently broad shoulders as well. In that sense he is in a better situation than 99% of bald people. He probably thinks it doesn't matter because he is still bald...
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    why hitting the gym anf tanning is a MUST for bald guys

    Hitting the gym is a must if you have a crappy frame. A bald head and skinny shoulders and arms make for a super weak look. Guys with a broad shouldered frame and masculine faces can get away with it.
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    How do you view yourself?

    What I meant was, if it's testosterone related, how come there are tons of big guys with relatively small jaws and tons of women with wide, square, defined jaws although their testosterone levels are just a fraction of that of the said guys? On the other hand, you almost never see a woman with a...
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    R.I.P. Roger Federer's hairline (1981-2014)

    He should have just went with "well, I had sex with your wife"...
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    How do you view yourself?

    Is there really any connection between high testosterone and jaw angle and width? I've always wondered why is it that so many women have a wide, well defined, square jaw. And they still don't look masculine either. For me, Statham is more about big, masculine chin rather than an amazing jaw...
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    Diffuse thinning = HELL

    I have both, receding hairline and diffuse thinning all over. FML.