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    Man From Reddit Regrew Hair With Massages.

    I dont believe him..he had hair transplant
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    Finasteride And Oral Minoxidil Not Working. What Next?

    You mean the root is thiner than the top?
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    Very Impressive Dermarolling And Minxodil Results - From Tressless

    I am thinking to buy dr pen goes with more thin pins than the others dr pen(a6 a7) and minimum cartriges is 16 pin. What do you think is better to achive 1400 to 1800 wound per square..if i use 32 pins this means more faster..i am wrong?
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    My Current Hair Progress And Protocol

    In reddit u say u use also cb 2 years
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    Follica Microneedling Protocol Patent Disclosed

    Guys one question but off topic..i use roller now and i wanna buy a dr pen from china..but im afraid for there any problem to buy it from there?
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    My Zix Experience - How B6 And Zinc Have Saved My Hair

    @worm if i use this b6 There is no problem..right?
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    Propecia Didnt Droped My Dht Levels

    I found my blood works that i did 3 years ago because i remember that i checked DHEA-S then..and indeed it was there.. DHEA-S the number was with red colour because it was too high,slight lower from upper limit for my age..also my cirtisol was high.. But it was 3 years ago.. Im stressful as...
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    Propecia Didnt Droped My Dht Levels

    Ok..what about topical duta,u think its gonna work? I ask because i read that is very popular these days and works..but i think that even topicals dht blockers may work because they goes systemic and drops i wrong? If im right im so f****n unlucky
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    Propecia Didnt Droped My Dht Levels

    Thank you .. if someone can advice me for something to stop my hairloss..PLEASE answer to this thread..i will much appreciate it