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    Histogen Phase 3 Started In Mexico A

    Histogen Announces Completion of Final Dosing Timepoint Milestone in its 1b/2a Trial for Androgenic Alopecia in Men
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    University In Zurich Were I Work Is Near To Find A Cure , Not Gonna Lie

    He is definitely American and not a very well educated
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    Brotzu Lotion (trinov) Progress Pictures And Diary

    I’m sorry my friend but hair loss is the least of your troubles. You can get better but please get help, you can get better regardless of the amount of hair on your head
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    Information On Rch-01, Tsuji, Follica And Brotzu

    Got to love Internet forums Someone with absolutely no evidence whatsoever make allegations of inside information about several companies and creates a trending topic in a matter of hours Of course the information is BS but no one cares because we prefer to believe fake information
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    Official Hellouser To Kyoto Hair Congress 2017 Fund

    Hellouser, thank you so much for all you hard work! I’m looking forward to your posts If hair scientists had your dedication we would all be Norwood 1 by now
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    Replicel Is On Fire Lately — Data In Feb.

    Great someone is giving priority to hair loss for a change!
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    Can I Use The Minoxidil Foam First And Then Substitute It With Foam? Please Let Me Know!

    There is no reason why you wouldn't be able to change from liquid to foam. This section is for research and new treatments and minoxidil certainly doesn't qualify as new :) Good luck
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    Official Hellouser To Kyoto Hair Congress 2017 Fund

    Hey Hellouser, Thank you for volunteering again, last year you did a great job! I just donated, hopefully you will find all the required funds soon Cheers
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    Histogram To Present At A Few Upcoming Conferences

    Are we sure they trial in Mexico has not started yet? I haven't been able to find any information neither denying nor confirming if they have started. Hopefully the conference will help to clarify
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    I Think This Is Sheseido's Phase Ii Trial! Should Start Soon

    Thank you Noisette, this confirmation is one of the best news I have heard in a long time. Honestly I don't care if they are only testing the vertex, the fact that they are making real progress is already an amazing thing. Do we know when will they release they first set of data?
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    Replicel Hair Loss Treatment Trial Is Set To Begin In Japan

    Replicel stock value has been going down for quite some sometime, but today went up 25%, so it looks like the market is also optimistic about the news. I believe this increase should also have a lot to do with employees buying shares which is typically a great indicator for the health industry
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    Men’s Hair Loss Study - Dermresearch

    Thanks chammpy, I hope it works out for you I agree the shorter treatment sound worthless plus with those time frames it sounds like a safety trial for sure. Keep us posted if you decide to go for it
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    Men’s Hair Loss Study - Dermresearch

    Hello everyone, I just talked to the clinic hopping to get more details about the study and was able to gather some information: The person I talked to didn't disclosure the names of the compounds being tested but she mentioned that it was not for Setipiprant. She did mentioned however that...
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    Men’s Hair Loss Study - Dermresearch

    Thanks guys, it look like it is for SETI indeed. I will give them a call next week to get more information and find out if I'm a good candidate. Will keep you post it if I decide/can go for the study