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    moving up from .5 dutasteride to 1 mg per day... Bryan?

    EDIT: Let me ask a simpler question... Would taking 1mg of dutasteride per day (2 pills) as opposed to .5 per day have any real impact on lowering serum and scalp dht?
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    Foam give wrinkles just like liquid?

    Tim, how long did it take for you to start to notice that minoxidil was giving you these sides? within the first month or so?
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    A very big step forward for us baldies.

    MisterE, your regimen is amusing. Why don't you add avodart, oral spironolactone and loniten to that au natural regimen? Just kick it up a tiny bit. avoiding xenoestrogens hasn't worked as well as i had hoped in regrowing my hair. And don't forget that plenty of sunlight can actually damage your...
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    xandrox-15 plus

    That topic is one of the reasons why i ordered the stuff. I'd say its an overall positive thread considering positive threads about any treatments around here are fairly rare. there are about 5 guys on that thread who claim success, three of which posted pretty impressive pics.
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    xandrox-15 plus

    I just bought a bottle of this stuff. I figure if i'm going to take the plunge into minoxidil i might as well go all out. Thats what i did with 5ar inhibitors, I went with dutasteride and it was absolutely spectacular for about 2 years but my male pattern baldness family history is so severe that im starting to receed...
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    for anyone using both minoxidil and copper peptides

    For anyone using both of these, which do you apply first? I've heard your supposed to apply copper peptides first then minoxidil but i've also heard the other way around . I'm on tricomin 1x daily right now and want to add minoxidil 1x daily as well. Which would be best to apply first? Thanks.
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    FlamingPie's Story (UPDATE PAGE 6)

    Re: FlamingPie's Story (age 22) yeah I'd say those are real good results, there is no visible thinning anywhere anymore. you can pull off the long hair no problem couple questions: do you use minoxidil twice a day? any sides?
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    Dry skin with finasteride

    Fanjeera, I feel bad for you man, your so obviously a hypochondriac and you just won't admit it. I couldn't believe it when I read that you only took finasteride for 9 days and you think its causing all of your problems, how long has it been, like months after your stopped? Whatever, no point in...
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    Chester716's Story - (24/finasteride and minoxidil started on Sep8 2009)

    awesome results. this belongs in the success story forum.
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    27 month update page 17

    Re: 1 year 5 month update I probably will end up giving it a shot. I'll probably use it once a day though instead of twice just to reduce the mess. If Shadow's results are any indication of what I can expect I'll be ecstatic. JWM, are you on any meds? How've they worked out?
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    27 month update page 17

    Re: 1 year 5 month update Shadow, those are some good results. My story is similar to yours. I started on finasteride in july of 07 with good results. I switched to dutasteride in june of 08 basically because it seemed logical to expect better results with dutasteride. After a few months may hair looked a bit...
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    ABandInHope's Story - ( 22 / Update Some Success)

    Re: ABandInHope's Story - (22) Thanks Propeciajunkie. Ive been on 5-ar inhibitors for quite awhile and they've been working well but I'm probably gonna have to add minoxidil eventually if I want to see additional regrowth. I hope things are going well with you too.
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    ABandInHope's Story - ( 22 / Update Some Success)

    Re: ABandInHope's Story - (22) yeah, I agree the best thing to do is go to a doctor first. But I gotta say I've never paid any attention to morning wood. I get it every so often I guess, but to focus on random erection and stuff like that, you just have to make sure your not obsessing. I've...
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    ABandInHope's Story - ( 22 / Update Some Success)

    Re: ABandInHope's Story - (22) When I first stated finasteride back 3 years ago I was scared too by all the fear mongerers on these boards. After a few weeks I was CERTAIN that I was having every side effect in the book. I was about to drop it, but luckily for me, I was persuaded to stick with it by...
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    any difference in folligen spray vs cream?

    on the folligen website, it says "cream is for the hairline". But is there any difference in ithe type of peptides used or potency between the spray and the cream? I want to use folligen only on my hairline/temples, but i'd rather just dap some liquid on than use the cream... Think it makes any...