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    Personally, I use a combination of topical spironolactone and topical finasteride (low concentration). Claims that topical finasteride is readily absorbed into systemic circulation in humans is weakly supported at best (though obviously, vehicle is a factor), and I've posted a critique of the...
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    Radius Of Minoxidil Absorption

    The skin is a reservoir for topical drugs. Repeated applications accumulate and are released over several days (highly lipophilic drugs can persist for weeks). It's not worth worrying about saturating every follicle during every application. If you don't hit it this time, you'll hit the next...
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    Evaluation of various internet pharmacies

    Why doesn't anyone use the search function? I've posted this numerous times: (They have several domains, one of which is, but the content is the same on all.) They are reliable and have the best price for spironolactone, finasteride, and possibly...
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    costco / kirkland no longer carrying minoxidil?

    They are not the same *price*, which is what the original poster was concerned about. No one has answered his question: where else is it available at $20 for a 4 month supply (4 x 60 mL bottles)?
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    costco / kirkland no longer carrying minoxidil?

    f***. It's no longer available. I speculate the reason is as follows: Kirkland's Signature minoxidil is a rebranded version of Rogaine manufactured by Upjohn (or whoever it is that makes Rogaine). Now that the more expensive foam crap is available, they have either ceased making the ordinary...
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    25mg spironolactone $4 at walmart and target, how to use?

    Life is already too short with 365-day years. :wink: Medsranch (AKA Squaremeds) has a better price (50 x 100 mg tabs at $15): The tablets they carry are also uncoated and have about 100 mg less excipient per 100 mg tablet than the...
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    I found an old article...

    N Engl J Med. 2007 Feb 1;356(5):479-85. Prepubertal gynecomastia linked to lavender and tea tree oils. Henley DV, Lipson N, Korach KS, Bloch CA. Receptor Biology Section, Laboratory of Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences...
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    newish studies re: topical niacin derivatives, caffeine, and

    Michael, Are you aware of the potential effectiveness of topical NAC? In particular, there is a possibility that it and other antioxidants may minimize or prevent tolerance to minoxidil. Dr. Proctor cited the following article from the New England Journal of Medicine in a Usenet post in...
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    very interesting ketoconazole, pirictone olamine study

    What ingredient specifically? Salicylic acid (USP), 500 gm. $15.99 The other ingredients you mentioned: BHT, caffeine, menthol, zinc, etc., are also inexpensive and none of them should be difficult to obtain in bulk. Try...
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    Anyone got any evolutionary theories for hairloss?

    It isn't consistently. Epidemiological studies are inherently weak: every degenerative condition can probably be correlated positively with other diseases, but that says nothing about the cause, nor does it suggest an elevated risk factor for all affected individuals (affected by balding, in...
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    newish studies re: topical niacin derivatives, caffeine, and

    I don't disagree that such a topical would be highly desirable. My comment was not to intended to suggest otherwise, just that the addition of a growth stimulant is almost always a good idea when there is any degree of noticeable loss. It has always been my position that a locally effective...
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    newish studies re: topical niacin derivatives, caffeine, and

    There has already been considerable loss at the point one first notices.
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    Bryan, or anyone, testosterone questions...

    Well, that's probably because a more pronounced "triangle" is indicative of a fuller head of hair to begin with, whereas its absence probably means the individual has less hair left lose. :wink: You're probably looking at your temples. That's not what he's referring to.
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    newish studies re: topical niacin derivatives, caffeine, and

    The abstract I posted earlier says nothing of an antiandrogenic effect from caffeine, only that it prevented the inhibitory effect of testosterone. BTW, why don't you buy bulk caffeine and incorporate it into a suitable vehicle, instead of buying a presumably expensive shampoo? One would also...
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    Milk! Interesting article....

    Not so obvious at all, it seems: