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    I Don’t Think I’ll Be Able To Move On

    Well you are not gonna score as many girls as the average tall handsome fit nw1 guy , but same goes for most people as they are going to have their own flaws, like being short, having a bad facial structure, being obese or w.e. As long as you can work with what you got and be social, being bald...
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    Is This Dangerous?. Need Your Experience

    Then why are you still in here?
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    Is This Dangerous?. Need Your Experience

    the discussion was about the upcoming treatments that people always expect to come . those unapproved treatments however are not really efficient in treating hairloss, either they are not as effective as people would like them to be, or they have so many side effects that it is barely even worth...
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    Is This Dangerous?. Need Your Experience

    "Surgeons don’t know schit about new treatments or don’t believe they exist." Thats why they re still in business the last 30 years, while people expect some kotsarelis study to cure them in 2 years .
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    Could Ru-58841 Be Causing Chest Side Effects?

    Are you heavily stressed by any chance? I had that during a stressful period and i was not on any meds at that time, went away on its own
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    Could Ru-58841 Be Causing Chest Side Effects?

    I am pretty sure most of the transgender men would be dead by now if topical ru would give heart failure , oral aas would probably kill everyone Same goes with prostate cancer patients
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    Ru58841 And Heart Failure - Pure Bullsh*t?

    wasnt there some other story about RU making rabbits go blind ? As if there was someone who would make a study with rabbits , anyway some of these troll stories are being resurfaced every year
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    What's The Lowest Topical Finasteride Dose That Gave You Sides On The Long Run?

    that was for like 4 months and i kept receding, now i am on 0.5mg oral every ~3days tryna see how it goes
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    Can Anti Androgens Impact Facial Hair Growth?

    yes when i stop it they grow normally
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    Can Anti Androgens Impact Facial Hair Growth?

    yes, my facial hair grow slower while on finasteride too
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    Why Don't We Perform A Dht Blood Test Before Taking Finasteride?

    Because it is not really meaningful. The dht levels fluctuate throughout the day and also your whole argument is dubious. People with low dht levels might have a lot of androgen receptors in their scalp and still go bald ,also one could argue that people with low dht will take a smaller hormonal...
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    Gut Bacteria Transplant Stopped My Hair Loss (photos)

    Or the gut bacteria have a role of determining the hormone levels and possibly the amount of androgen receptors , there doesnt seem to be real research yet.
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    Absolutely Nothing Grows Hair Except Tranny Regimen

    The lack of new treatments is turning this section into an incel subreddit
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    Finesteride 1mg Daily Increase To 2mg Now Experience A Backlash???

    Yes it would, because it is 25x the dose, but the result is highly disproportionate to the dose. Taking however 5 tables and 2 tablets is pretty much the same although your serum finasteride levels would be 2.5 times lower