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    Pharmacy from Andorra is selling CB for hairloss

    Last 2 times i ordered from this sh*t pharmacy they took over 3 months to deliver, so if it has a self life of less than 5 months dont bother
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    CB-03-01 finally available from the Andorran pharmacy

    i dont know how long CB0301 lasts until expiry, but this sh*t pharmacy took 1 month for my first shipment of topical dutasteride and 4or 5 months for the next one. Obviously they arrived expired and then they ghosted my emails And to think that i ordered from within europe , i am not even far from Spain
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    Is there a way to not build a tolernace to rogaine ?

    you dont build tolerance to minoxidil, but usually as alopecia progresses you still lose hair on minoxidil since it is a growth stimulant and does not directly face the alopecia effects
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    finasteride & dutasteride together - is it a waste!

    dutasteride already does as much as can be achieved , try oral minoxidil i guess
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    Propecia during 17 years (Blood analytics)

    I think your free testosterone is below normal?
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    Topical Dutasteride Case Assessment Thread

    6 ml to cover your scalp ? is that you ?
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    SMI-6 Group Buy Round 2 (PRLR Antagonist)

    You have the benefit of lower prices in group buys , when the quantity is larger.
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    SMI-6 Group Buy Round 2 (PRLR Antagonist)

    i am pretty sure that over the years you have benefited from everyone else using treatments , be it for hairloss or any other disease. Next time you have an infection make a group buy , or join a phase 3 test, because you dont deserve to use drugs that you have no contribution on. It is kinda...
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    Topical Dutasteride Case Assessment Thread

    Yes , the courrier they use is pure trash
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    Topical Dutasteride Case Assessment Thread

    total Test increases , but so does SHBG , so free test decreases with finasteride/dutasteride ( as was recorded from a study , cant really bother to find it )
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    Topical Dutasteride Case Assessment Thread

    Why does everyone keep asking about sheds, if you shed the hair because of the reduction in dht they will come back thicker , if you shed the hair and they dont come back it means that duta is bad for your hair, which is unlikely
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    dutasteride 2x/week? Anyone have experience?

    duta 2x/ week is probably more effective than finasteride 7x week
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    Topical Dutasteride Case Assessment Thread

    The problem is that the starting point of his thoughts, is that circulating dht is the sole reason for hair loss, which seems to go against literature. So the post makes little sense